What kind of jobs are there for a computer science major?

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From the perspective of a Computer Science/Software Engineer, how difficult is it to get a degree...?

My intended path is Medicine and I hope to take a double major in Biology and Computer Science in college. I love both the fields and find them very intriguing, but just in case Medical School doesn't work out for me, I would like something to fall back on. What kind of jobs/security would a major in Biology and Computer Science? Also, I'm not sure if a degree in Computer Science is right for me, because although I'm a decent programmer with experience in Java, I only seem to think geniuses will...


You might look into bioinformatics. It's a field combining computer science and medicine, which would...

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What kind of jobs go with a major in Computer Science?

What kind of jobs can you get with that degree and what kind of minor would go with them? Also, can you what you "actually do" in the job? Some help her would be very ...show more


(: The above answer has some really good ones. Note: Every job you'll get will probably be related to...

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What kind of jobs can a Computer Science degree get you? And is the pay of these jobs good?

I'm in my final year of High School so I need to decide what I want to do at University next year. At the moment I'm still deciding between Computer Science, Accounting, a Law ...show more


Every job even lawyers, doctors the salary range can be really good to average salary. My bf is a pharmacist...

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What kind of Computer Science jobs exist?

I'm majoring in my third year of computer science and just realized that many jobs wanting my expertise will be office/cubicle jobs. Having an office/cubicle job right now and ...show more


No, you aren't likely to be able to travel all the time with a computer science career - or most other...

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What kind of jobs can I get with a Master's degree in Computer Science?

I will soon graduate with a degree in Communications and Media Studies with a minor in Computer Science. I want to get my master's in Computer Science after I receive my BA. Will ...show more


Once you get a master's. the bachelor's is irrelevant.

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What kind of jobs could I get in a Computer Science field?

OK, so I'm interested in going into the field of Computer Science. So, what jobs could I get in that field?


I am going to take Computer Science with an emphasis on Telecommunications as a major. This entails...

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What kind of jobs can i get with computer science B.A. arts , with English emphasize?

im about to finish my degree in computer science ba arts, not science, with emphasize in english. i be thinking technical writing. any advice or websites i can see would be good.



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What kind of jobs require a computer science degree that are CS heavy and light on coding?

I have a computer science degree, but I prefer more theoretical stuff. Something that requires a strong CS background but only coding small projects/scripts. Does this kind of thing exist?


If you enjoy computer science you should become a computer scientist.  Go for your PhD. In some research...

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What kind of jobs are available with a computer science degree or a computer information degree?

I am currently enrolled in a 2-year college. I plan to transfer to a major university. I'm just trying to establish my career path. thanks


I currently work at a subsidiary of a major area bank. This subsidiary has many computer programmers...

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What kind of jobs are available for computer science graduates in Australia?

I want to do my masters in Computer Graphics from Australia and I wanted to know if there is a demand for programmers there? I've been programming for smart phones since the past 2 years working exclusively with the graphics pipeline and I really like...


Australia has a booming IT industry. It is even hiring virtual employees of varying skills online. With...

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