What makes a good phone conversation?

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Not true at all. Mobile phone encryption built-in to the various standards (GSM/CDMA/3G) is designed...

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How can I make DH see that he always makes me the 3rd wheel when it comes to plans?

How can I get DH to realize stop making plans without me, esp. vacation? This has always been a huge problem for us since day one. He makes plans with others, then tells me "oh we're doing xyz this weekend." It has evolved into me less being...


You've been contemplating divorce since your first AskMeFi the better part of 2 years ago, so I'm guessing...

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Rude People With Cell Phones...Cell Phone Etiquette?

I think people should be more aware of cellphone etiquette, because some people really piss me off with their cell phones. For instance, when people are constantly messing with their cell phones while having a conversation with you, that is rude. When...


I totally agree it can be more than annoying! I will say, though, not as a defence, but as another perspective...

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My daughter gave out her cell phone number to a stranger she met in a chat room. And talked to “her.”

How can I logically – and without turning into a shrill, emotive, drama queen or a growling mother bear – educate my daughter to the danger she put herself in by giving out her cell phone number to someone she met...


Instead of keeping your daughter from talking to "strangers" online (a task that is surely...

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This man makes me feel uncomfortable, or am I just being paranoid?

I work in suite a high rise building. I'm familiar with the building staff and they're friendly, for the most part. There is this new engineer who makes me a little uncomfortable. It seems like he goes out of his way to say hi to me and make conversation...


I read this and think you are being smart. I'm glad to read, also; that you've said something about...

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Toxic Friend Keeps Calling Home Phone Periodically. I Don't Want to Hang Out and Want to Break it Off Quietly?

This Friend from Long Ago is toxic and he is one of those people that doesn't like losing friends (on facebook or elsewhere). Whenever he's around he enjoys himself at my expense. I'm done with the guy, but he still calls every month. I'm blocking him...


i was going to answer this but now i am not sure how. my first inclination is to say to just tell him...

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National Grid - Recorded Phone Calls?

Everytime I call Nation Grid's customer service, I am told that my call is being recorded and may be monitored. My question is this: Does National Grid (an electric company) actually keep every call that is made to customer service for each individual...


Get a subpoena and find out.

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If you get your cell phone taken away, can your principal go through it?

So my friend (lets say her name is Jamie) was seen with another kid's cell phone. My principal saw and took the cell phone away (understandable, we were in school and cell phones arent allowed). Well my principal read through the other kid's conversation...


It depends, the most they can look at is the screen or whatever pops up (legally). Now they can't search...

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If a guy says he loves you over the phone but when you text him you love him, he doesn't say it back, does that mean he doesn't love you?

My boyfriend and I usually communicate through text. He wishes me a good morning every day and calls me beautiful but lately when I text him I love him, he doesn't say anything back, not even another text sometimes. And lately since last week, when I...


You have had a three year relationship via texts? That doesn't sound like it is going anywhere. if the...

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What to say to people using the cell phone at the dinner table?

I have a problem with my cousin and her roommate constantly using their cell phones at the dinner table (both at home and in restaraunts). We usually have dinner together 4-5 nights a week. We have discussed that it is rude and I have point blank said...


As you are sitting down to a meal politely say to everyone, "Let's all turn off our cell phones...

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