What qualification do I need to be a social worker?

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What qualification would i need to be a social worker?

How lond will this be? and other information.


Typically a degree in social work, i.e. an BSW degree. This takes 4 years at university. This is the...

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You need a masters degree in social work ; MSW...or a CSW

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Procedure to migrate to Australia as a Social worker under skill migrant category?

HI, I am 31. I have completed B.A in Economics in 2004 from India. I am currently working in Social Worker Organization of Bihar. I am very much interested in migrating to Australia. As far as I know, I need my qualification to be assessed by Australian...


As far as migrating as a Social Worker is concerned, you need to go back to the AASW website. There...

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Should I do a proper fundraising qualification?

I am a qualified youth and community worker (the first disabled - or four-wheeled, one legged - as I prefer) and I have been fundraising since I was nine years old - worked for big organisations but only as a volunteer. I am also a qualified and experienced...


You could contact your local Volunteer Centre for vol opps in this area. Fundraising is so much more...

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Can I move to Australia from UK to be a nursery nurse (child care worker) with a level 4 NVQ Apprenticehsip?

I really want to move to Butler in Western Australia, but I am currently training to be a Nursery Assistant (child care worker I believe Australian's call it) and plan to get an NVQ Qualification level 4 apprenticeship in childrens and young peoples...


You can only move to Australia if your occupation is listed as being eligible for skilled immigration...

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What are the care worker qualifications?

What specific qualification do i need to start off as a care/ support worker on the NHS?


It depends on who you are supporting I work with children and families promoting healthy lifestlyes...

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I seriously need to get out of my house (UK) Please help me?

Hello everyone, I am 19 years old and I live in Cambridgeshire which is in the UK. I have got a long situation and I will explain it to you, please read and help me as I really do need help, I don't know what else to do. Here is the situation. My mum...


i read your question and If i was u, i wud date some pretty girl and live together with her far away...

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help me describe the IT worker that I need, then evaluate the candidates

At my Pretty Big company, I run a large Unix-based system that does Something Important, and we need to find someone to help me, and ultimately to take over running of the system. My two challenges right now are A) how to describe what I need to the...


Yeah, this is a junior with communications skills (bedside manner) and command line proficiency.

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In need of an explanation of bizarre co-worker?

This guy I work with named Freddie, keep asking different people about me..he has asked five different people how I am doing, or he'll ask how is everything going on with me,hes called up to my job a few times asking for me, he even told my co-worker...


This Freddy person sounds like a real winner.

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What qualification do I need to be a Nursery manager?

What qualification do I need to be a Nursery manager? I want to set up my own day care nursery - what qualification do I need to be a nursery manager? Is it an NVQ level 3 in Childcare or a Diploma - or are they the same thing? i've got an degree in...


your job will invole children, so you have to like them and also get CRB checked as if you havnet you...

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