What role does Equity theory play in the new system?

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Answer no 01 NON-FINANCIAL REWARD As in 1980, it was difficult for WAPDA to find qualified person, there...

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What role did density play in the formation of the Solar system?

I think this is about the Solar Nebula Theory, and how the solar system was formed, but I can't really grasp why density was part of this formation. Please help! Thanks :)


If the original material had all been gas, it would not have coalesced into planets but would just have...

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What role does category theory play in the Lagrangian formalism of classical mechanics?

I believe it has something to do with transforming (i.e. a natural transformations) the generalized coordinate system, but I am not too clear on the details.


What role does it play? None. The major theorems about the Lagrangian were discovered and stated quite...

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Oceanography help please?

if you can answer ANY of these question you would help a lot :) thank you! Sediments 1. Sediment found on the continental slope would be best categorized as 2. Which sources would be expected to contribute to sediment at the bottom of the Mariana Trench...


If you ask the ones you can not find yourself i will answer them for you.

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Why do Haitians risk their lives & travel 500 miles to capitalist USA when marxist Cuba is just 50 miles away?

The obvious failures of socialism around the world can be seen in Cuba, Eastern Europe, and China. Under socialism, incentives either play a minimal role or are ignored totally. A centrally planned economy without market prices or profits, where property...


Well,,,, Uh, would you rather retreat to a country that you can eventually become a citizen, and the...

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Is there a real need for complex financial instruments such as CDSs, options, and futures?

Has there been a study which has proven that there is demand supply rationalizations owing to future, options or it has been more in theory? The other aspect of this is high-freq trading or algorithmic trading, what role does it play in a secular market...


Options and futures are not complex at all.  CDS's are a bit complex. But asking whether they are needed...

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Lee Iacocca has a very strong argument about Iraq, Bush, etc. It's an easy read. Agree/Disagree/Comment?::

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lee_Iacocca Subject: Lee Iacocca speaks out Stay the course? You've got to be kidding. This is America, not the damned Titanic. I'll give you a sound Bite: Throw the bums out! You might think I'm getting Senile, that I've...


I agree with almost everything he wrote, except for the part about voting. We the people did not vote...

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What are the details of the model of the universe, shaped like Torricelli's Trumpet, developed by Professor Frank Steiner?

I have intuitive feeling that this model might be near to the reality. According to professor Frank Steiner of University of Ulm and his team, The universe is shaped like Torricelli's Trumpet. Please give answers containing extra information not given...


We can map the past expansion rates of the Universe since the thing is a big time machine. When we look...

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Sorry. Your original question may be ambiguous or need details. Please restate and try again.

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Does the Education System has a Huge role to play in Broadening One's Thinking & Perception?

For example: The Indian Education system involves most of mugging up work, and usually spoon feeds the child. Students are not exposed to the practical work of actually doing things and the classroom teaching involves taking down copious notes, by hearting...


I believe the education system provides quite a role in the progression of thought. Children need to...

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