What's a good name for our school store?

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What is a great name for a High School Store that sells clothing?

Hi, thanks for looking at my question. What would be a great name for a high school store that sells clothing? The high schools' mascot is a Shark. And the abreviations for the high school is SLSS. Please help me think of something. I need lots of suggestion...


The Shark Shack?

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Bear's Den or Bear's Cave

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What would be a good name for a slushie store in a high school? ?

My entrepreneurship class is opening up a slushie store and we is in charge of coming up with the name for it. What would be a cool and creative name for a slushie store inside a school?


Big Time Slush

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Whats the name of the store in ingram park mall, san antonio thats all about dresses???? Plzz answer!?!?

I went to the ingram Park Mall in San Antonio, Texas and i passed by this store with beautiful dresses!,,, but i didnt check the name of the store... It was a store with only dresses and it was at one of the ends of the mall,,, sooo plzz i urgently need...


i better get 10 points for this because it took some work http://www.simon.com/mall/directory.aspx&hellip...

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Whats a good mascot name for my old school???

My old school is merging with another school so we get to pick a new mascot. The school is gonna be named Pope John Paul II School, so i need some ideas for a good mascot name, so far ...show more


The Disciples in a black and silver theme.

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Whats a good name for a boarding school fool of faeries?

This will be for the book that i'm writing. See i'm stuck at this one part where i need the name of the boarding school Jane (main character) she needs a name of the school she will be going to, to become a great faerie. so please give me some good places...


Mystical C.S., F.A (Faerie Academy, You could do something with the state or world(like if it's not...

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What's a catchy name for a store @ school?

For my Econ class, we're opening a store that will cater to high school, middle school, and elementary. Of course, we need a great name. Preferably something that rhymes...my idea was 'One Stop Shop'. We'll be selling candy, drinks, chips, etc. Basically...


Pop Shop.....Or [school Mascot name] corner ex Patriot Corner

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Old school rap song, whats the name?

Whats the name of that old school song, i think it came out in the 90's. its by this black guy (i don't know his name) and he talking about this girl he likes but she keeps trying to play him, or something like that. THE MAIN THING IS THAT ITS IN ENGLISH...


I'll take shot at this... Mellow Ace Man- Mentirosa?

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Whats a good hat store name?

im doing a project and im making a store im just asking what is a good hat store name that would attract people


Threads for Heads or Heads Up

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Whats the name of this little store on mainstreet in radford virginia?

I went to this little.........Hippie,indie,earthy,cultu… little store beside the pet shop on main street in radford, and im dying to go again, but I need the name so I can call for store hours-help would be mondo-appreciated..ThnX


There are two similar shops on main street. L'Amores is probably the one you are looking for, but if...

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