What's a good search engine for a large corporate intranet?

Let’s learn what's a good search engine for a large corporate intranet. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Software Recommendations.

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Intranet crawler and search engine

I am looking for any really free alternatives for implementing an intranet web-search engine. I know that GSA would be probably the best but it's extremely expensive and I do want to be able to crawl millions of pages. I tried SearchBlox and in addition to the fact that I found it poorly documented and counter-intuive it also have a limit of 25.000 documents, which is almost nothing compared to the level I want to scale it to. Maybe if it was better I would have considered upgrading to commercial...


Solr can do this. With it you can define a datasource to crawl it and it interprets the data. Solr is...

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What is the best Search Engine for a private intranet?

Something like Google Search would be ideal - but our website content is all locked down (password controlled), only authenticated users can access the content. The ASP code is on a Microsoft Server.


At Cludo.com we support almost all intranet solutions. We are a secure cloud-based solution, and you...

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Whats wrong with my search engine?????

ok the thing is when ever i go onto google or any other releated websites the search engine is really really small. so small i cannot see the writing. does anyone know whats wrong here and if it can be fixed? thanks :)


press CTRL and spin your mouse ball up or down (to zoom in or out)

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Whats a good search engine?

whats a good search engine besides google


Best Search Engines List : * Google * Live Search (formerly MSN Search) * Ask.com * Yahoo! Search FOr...

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Whats the best search engine for video games?

A good search engine to use for video game information, screen shots, and other video game related material


I've been using this real good one called VG Search, its for gamers by gamers. You wont be disapointed...

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Google all the way. you never hear people say yahoo it! but you hear google it! ;)

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Whats a better search engine, Bling or Google?

I just recently discovered Microsoft's Bling search engine and thus far I've been really impressed. I use google regularly but find Bling to be better suited to finding data. ...show more


isnt it bing? and i think google gives more answers but is less specific, i dont really use bing that...

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What is search engine optimization and whats it benefits ?

how to do search engine optimization for a blog ?


its about getting your site ranked higher in search results if you want to rank high you need seo you...

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Whats the name of the kid search engine ?

Its the one that lets you create you own custom kid search homepage?


WEIRD. At least I got 2 points!! :))

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Whats your favorite search engine?

I just wanted to ask what people choose for search. Personally I like windows live.


google is best because whole bunch of pictures.

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