What's a good title for my fashion show?

Let’s learn what's a good title for my fashion show. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by brandongaille.com.

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65 Catchy Fashion Slogans and Good Taglines ...

A listing to some of the best catchy fashion slogans and good taglines that will help encourage your creativity and inspiration. ... Fashion is nothing without people ...


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What would be a good title for a fashion show showcasing unfinished outfits in deconstructed state?

I am currently organizing a fashion show showcasing unfinished outfits in deconstructed state that are designed by local fashion design students. This event is done in 25 March 06, there will be free flow for everyone.


"Seemingly in Seam."

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Looking for job title at vegas show? whats it called?

the people that take tickets when your walking in and help you to your seats... at a cirque du soleil show.. ::example, criss angels show, the girls that wear the ties and hats!:: ...show more



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Whats the title of this old show called?

Its manly about these 4 kids one of them are called ray and romondo sorry bout the spelling and they try to gather these artafacts forget what they are called around the world but at the same time other people are trying to get them one of them is some...


I Love Ray Romano

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Taiwan entertainment game show, whats the title of it?

this is for people, the Chinese in particular, who have watched this gameshow hosted by jacky wu a few years back. there was this game they played where they had action/words cards pasted on their foreheads and if they did the action or said the word...


I think its 《綜藝旗艦》if I am not wrong.

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WWEA Raw come rate the show?

World Heavyweight Champion Shawn Michaels WWEA Champ Matt Hardy Intertcontinental Champ vacant WWEA Unified Tag team champions Team 3D Women's Champion Mickie James Raw intro plays http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6W_1T5A0P... Match 1. Tournaement match...


It's a good show

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iOS Fashion and Beauty Apps for the Woman Who Has (and knows) Everything

(Alternative Title: You're Beautiful When You're Angry)I'm in a mean mood and I'm looking for fashion and beauty apps on my iPad to cheer myself up. I was impatient with iPad fashion and beauty apps before, and I'm even more short-tempered about it now...


Why do you want apps? There are a lot of sites that have great content and would be perfectly usable...

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Whats graphic/textile/fashion design? whats the difference?

whats the difference between a fashion designer, textile designer and a graphic designer? my dream job is to make print designs on t-shirts, hoddies, bags, etc but i dont know what ...show more


There is a few things to design and some you use computers (graphic design) some you paint.. some you...

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What should the title for my science project be? (how does fashion impact the behavior of others around us?

well i have to think of a title for my science fair project and i cant think of one. it is how does fashion impact the behavior of others around us but i dont want to use dont judge a ...show more


persona wrappings

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Whats A Good Headline For Investigating The Pro's And Con's Of Child Labour In The Fashion Industry?

I'm writing a report into the pro's and con's of child labour in the fashion industry, but I need a really attention grabbing headline for it, almost like one you would see in a newspaper. The title needs to show that I am investigation both the pros...


How about...... " Are your cheap clothes being made using child slaves in Asia ! " Sorry....

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