What's the best PC action game and why?

Let’s learn what's the best PC action game and why. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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GTA(5 is coming out VERY soon) MW3 CoD Final fantasy Your dad should try Sims 3 even though its not...

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Whats a good action PC game?

what is a good action game that I can play on my PC. remember, it has to have lots of action, i love action.


I really like Resident Evil 4

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Looking for pc action-adventure game from the 90's

-PC action-adventure game, mostly action, but I do remember simple adventure things like moving blocks or unlocking doors-first person view-can't remember how health stats and weaponry were viewed-Had to rescue a woman (go figure), but not sure if she...


It wasn't a first person game, but this really sounds like Die By The Sword to me. It's been ages since...

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Whats that candy game called not the board game the pc game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…

its a computer game that i downloaded a long time ago, its a guy with a green suit killing candy monsters and takes place in a candy world and he sounds cool sort of talks like arnald swenneger please help me try to find it pleeeeeeeease AND ITS nOT...


The game`s name is Monopoly Tycoon

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Whats a good pc recent pc game?

ME and my gf are looking for a new pc game. An rpg or shooter, similar to skyrim/elder scrolls series or Dragon Age and Mass effect series. Shes not really into full fps's like MW or GoW though, so something more rpg based. Was looking at crysis, since...


RPG/Shooter hybrids: Fallout 3 & New Vegas Borderlands RAGE Mass Effect series Dead Space 1 &...

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Can someone tell me any action PC game in German?

I learned all my English from PC games, and I am looking for a game that will help me to learn German. I'm looking for a FPS or any kind of action game. (I don't have a very strong computer, so I'm looking for something that was made in 2008. or earlier...


veile speile konnen in deutsh kommen. kannst du ein deutshe fps kaufen. oder suchen zum beispeil, german...

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Which is the best action game for PC now?

which is the best action game for PC now and that is not an online game


for a single player game i would choose Bioshock 2 and for a multiplayer i would choose COD 4 or 6

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PC Game : Does any1 know any Action Advent Game With the followng Descirption?

Prince of Persia style, but with some more weapons, or features I don't mind if ti was 2002,03,04,05,06 . Actually i ld prefer if the game had sys. requirements like the Princ. Of Persia t2t and a bit higher its ok. This is my pc Pentium D 2,66(2core...


Try Assasin's creed

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Anyone know a good action game for pc?

hi anyone know a good action game for PC that is fun ???


Depends on how you define "Action" game. I've learned that everyone seems to have a different...

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