What's the best machine for development?

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What machine do you use for programming and development?

I have been doing programming from past two years and using Linux Distro on my Dell Inspiron but for some time I have been feeling that the productivity has actually reduced due to machine limitations. I have been thinking of buying a laptop / ultrabook and setting up the environment for doing programming stuff. I would like to know which environment do you prefer (Linux / Windows / Macintosh) and what specifications are enough for doing enterprise level development.


I use ThinkPad T430 Laptop running Ubuntu 12.04. I mostly do web development and it's good enough for...

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How is industrial, product-oriented machine learning software development different from academic machine learning research or industrial research prototype development?

I'm interested in differences like "we use simpler algorithms," "we have to highly optimize for running time," "we more carefully architect the code to adhere to overall design guidelines," "We spend more time debugging...


Sean Owen already provided a fantastic answer. Let me add some more major differences. In industrial...

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ASP Pages not displaying on development machine - IIS, Win 2000 Pro

Running IIS 5 on Win 2000 Pro machine - only for development purposes, not for live production. I have never been able to get .ASP pages to display on my machine - I continually get a 404 error. (They will work fine if I upload them to my webhost's...


Greetings webdesignguy, Regarding your question about your ASP pages not working from IIS5, based on...

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Whats a better slot machine to play?

a 1 cent machine a 5 cent machine a 25 cent machine a 50 cent machine or a 1 dollar machine?? id think its 25 cent?


My opinion is that a 25-cent slot played 2 coins (50 cents) at a time played continuously should produce...

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What specific reasons are there for assembling an entire software development environment on a local machine?

As a general rule, each software development project requires team members to configure their machine to be able to develop. When you are working on projects and contracts where there are either a lot of team members, or a lot of changing team members...


To be productive, developers are going to need access to instances of the environment that they can...

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No water going in washing machine, whats wrong with it?

ever since i moved into my flat, there's been something wrong with my washing machine. I try turning it on, and only a little water will go into the drum. So I got the plumber round, and he said it was a valve in the cold water pipe, he then went away...


First check that both feed pipes are sending water to your machine, easy way to check is use a bucket...

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What are some good, cheap options for hosting a VM for development machine for side projects?

I'd like to get started on some side development projects and would like a stable virtual machine to work on that's accessible on the cloud. I don't like working on my laptop or desktop for reasons outside the scope of this question. What are some good...


Disclosure: I work at Google on Kubernetes.Google has a free tier (similar to Amazon's). I'd also look...

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I am looking to make a development environment at home with a client server model. What should be my development machine (Mac based) and SSH server?

I currently am confused over Macbook Air haswell or Mac Mini as front end machine and a Ubuntu based server configuration.


at first you should have peacefull place

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Whats the difference between a $30 sewing machine and a $100 sewing machine?

i never really owned a sewing machine before and i wanna buy one. i just wanna noe the difference, if the main thing is to sew some fabric


If you had said a $70 machine and a $100 machine, I'd have said no difference (except that there are...

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Whats the difference between a gelato machine and an ice cream machine?

I want to make pro quality gelato, but need to start by making it at home first without investing 3000$ for a machine. So is there a difference between a gelato maker and an ice cream maker? (colder temp? pressure? etc)


This was a deliberate decision by Britton, because the manufacturer makes a different (and cheaper)...

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