What's the cheapest way to make an international call to a cell phone?

Let’s learn what's the cheapest way to make an international call to a cell phone. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by ChaCha.

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Yes. All you need to do is call customer service and ask that your number be blocked when you dial other...

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What's the cheapest way to make an internationl phone call with my cell phone?

I need to call someone in Guatemala with my Cingular cell phone. What's the cheapest way to do it? Should I get a calling card?


I don't know if this is any help, but it is much cheaper to call the US from a Guatemalan cell phone...

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If you make an international private call on a cell phone from home phone does the number comes on our bill?

Okay, I want to know if you make an international call to a cell phone, from your home phone would the number show up on your bill?


Unless you have some secret code, or calling card, the number will be on your bill. That's how they...

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How i can make a international call to cell phone in Saudi Arabia?

I live in Puerto Rico the first time i call my boyfriend to his cell phone in Jeddah i has luck , but later in the second , third, i cant call again .Please help how i can make a call ? i read about the code is 011+ 966+ 50+ ??? - ????


International Dialing Codes Calling from Puerto Rico to Mobile Phone in Saudi Arabia Dial: 011 + 9...

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Is it illegal for someone to make an international call on your cell phone?

see my bill is showing one and we don't even have relatives,friends,nor children that could have made that call?can the previous owner of the phone number make an international call and give out that number to be billed to?


Illegal? If I took your phone without your permission and did something with it, I guess it would be...

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International cell phone usage -- cheapest way?

I will be in the Netherlands for 1 month and need a cell phone to call the US (personal use). It is also likely that the US will need to call me (business conference calls). Is it ...show more


You may rent or buy EU service from RebelFone before you leave: http://www.rebelfone.com/Europe_simcards...

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What's the cheapest way to call a cell-phone in Europe from North America (Canada), particularly in Italy?

Cell-phone rates are ridiculous. What's the cheapest phone card out there?


The cheapest way to call a European cell is by Skype, works out to about 2 cents a minute.

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Iam 17 and i want to buy a cell phone unlimited text and talk whats the cheapest way thats all i want...?

i am 17 and i really need a cell phone and i really would like to know my options before i buy a phone and find out something cheaper, but what i want it for is texting and talking i would like unlimited on both i don't need an expensive phone just want...


Boost Mobile has a $50/ month unlimited everything deal text/talk/internet It uses the Sprint network...

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How can I make a call to an international cell phone from the US? Not sure about city codes and cell phones...

I have a friend who is stationed at Aviano AB in Italy, and I am in the US. SHe has a cellular phone, and gave me her number, but everytime i look up the city code, it says the number ...show more


Try this http://www.telthreeadvantage.com/ Very cheap calls to Italy

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What is the cheapest way to call a cell phone in Spain??

I am trying to call my girlfriend's cell phone in Spain and I can't find anything cheaper than 30 cents per minute. Any help would be great. Thank You!!!


calling cards or those pay as you go phones w/ international calling (i think at and t may sell them...

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