What's the largest computer monitor I can buy?

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What is the best computer monitor I can buy with these specs....?

Hi, I am looking to buy a new computer monitor with these specifications. What is the best deal I can get: - 20" - 22" - Under 250$ (Before Tax) - Glossy Screen (That is the most important feature, that glaze over the screen is what I want the most) - Has the best clarity Thanks for the help guys.


Like power steering / air con is a requirement for a car, the best feature of a monitor is to be able...

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Whats the best plasma screen with hd or monitor to buy that with work as both a tv and computer monitor.?

i want to connect either a plasma hd screen tv not only to my comcast cable box but also to my computer to save space or an hd plasma screen monitor for that reason. but i ...show more


Nope your in the right place... Nowadays most "newer" 32 and above TV's will have multiple...

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Any electronics store like best buy and American TV or circuit city have them. Even walmart sells them...

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Whats kind of monitor for a computer is good to buy?

Doesn't cost that much, reliable, at least a 22', ?


I am very happy with my ViewSonic Monitors (22" each) my main monitor has an i-pod docking station...

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Is this a good gaming computer + Monitor? Or can u reccomend another in my price range.?

Ok first of all, my budget is $2000, definately no higher than $2500. Obviously the cheaper the better, but i want quality aswell. Now first of all i got 2 computers to show you guys to see what u think 1.http://cgi.ebay.com.au/Intel-i7-960-12GB-RAM...


You could build a better computer for half of your budget to fit to your own personal gaming needs and...

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Computer monitor not working?

For a while now my computer monitor has been having some issues. The screen keeps blacking out. When I first turn it on it works fine but then it just goes black. If I turn the screen off and then on it will come on for only about 3 seconds and then...


Try putting the black power wire in a certain position. gd luck

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What computer gaming monitor should i buy?

Hello, i want to know whats a good gaming monitor that i could buy for no more than 300 pounds. The computer i have is an alienware aurora. My alienware costed about 1k 500 pounds


a 24" monitor with at least 10000:1 DFC 2 or 5 mili second responce full hd you should get some...

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Does it matter what monitor you use for buying a computer?

Also whats the wire called that connects a monitor to a computer and where can you buy one?


The wire comes with the monitor, it is called a VGA cable that you connect to the computer from the...

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Looking to buy my parents a really nice computer?

I want to spend around $5,000 on it but don't want to build it myself. Whats the most powerful computer i can buy for $5,000? I want the monitor included with the price also. Would dell have any nice ones? Looking for 12 gig DDR3 ram minimum also. My...


the most powerful you can find on the market is a mac-pro -you have not seen power until you've seen...

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Looking to buy new computer/monitor?

My recent computer's monitor i don't know why but like smoke came out of it and it smelled really bad, and it turned off. it always made sounds even though the computer was very fast and never gave me any problems. so the monitor doesnt work but the...


There's no need for a new computer - it's the monitor that's giving you trouble. Here's your new one...

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