What's the name for a high school diploma?

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The name for it is actually a "high school diploma." You can also get an equivalent document...

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HELP: Change my name on my high school diploma?

I'm so pissed at my mom. When I was born they wanted to name me after my grandma Hava (hebrew), so they wanted to put my middle name as the translation for her name. Nobody in my family knew the translation so she put my name as Arielle Joy on my birth...


i agree that talking in person often gets you more of an answer. remind them that is is legal document...

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High school diploma request -- forgot which name on the diploma as I have changed name?

I changed my name around the time I graduated from high school. That was many years ago. I lost the diploma and forgot which name actually on the diploma, the old name or the new name. Would the high school be able to get the diploma with my social security...


Contacting your highschool would be your best bet but you can also contact the department of registry...

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Can i change the name on my high school diploma?

(I am a high school senior that is about to graduate in 2.5 months). okay, so i recently found out (like literally today) that i have to have my full complete name on my highschool diploma. Mainly because i am going to a college outside of the United...


Talk to your counselor they should be able to help you!

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Is it possible to verify a high school diploma if you do not know the school name?

I applied for a job recently. In the advertisement the job said it required a high school diploma. I have a GED. Nowhere on the application did it ask for any education information. I never entered a school name or location during the application process...


I don't think there will be a problem. Some people do consider a GED to be a high school diploma. However...

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Whats the difference between a high school diploma & a ged?? ?

I'm thinking about getting my ged. I hate my high school & I'm trying to transferring but the only place I can transfer to is an alternative school. I'm not learning anything at the school I'm attending & the only way I will succeed is if I leave...


There should be no difference. I was home schooled my whole life and when I was 17 I took my GED. It...

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Whats a cheap online school that i can get my high school diploma for?

Whats a cheap online school that i can get my high school diploma for


Beware of schools offering "quick", "cheap", or "easy" high school diplomas...

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Whats the process to getting a high school diploma?

like when i finish high school what does the school do? do tthey send my report cards to some place and than the place gives me the diploma? if i went to a privet school for 2 years and than switched to pubilc in senior year will they ask the school...


When you finish your senior year at the public HS with passing grades/have all credits then you will...

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HELP!!! i have a high school diploma but it has my step fathers last name ( which is diff from my birth?

name ...the school district is now defunct but i need this to prove i graduated high school ...point is i'll show them my diploma with some one elses name on it


No worries, your school board and your State have your records on file. They can send you an official...

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