What's the quickest way to solve a Rubik's Cube?

Let’s learn what's the quickest way to solve a Rubik's Cube. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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Take a look to: http://www.solverubik.com/ The easiest solutions!

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Go to this website http://kidschoice.tripod.com/rubik.html

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Don't peel the labels off, they won't stick back down. I finally slid a screw driver under the edge...

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Faster way to solve a rubiks cube?

whats a faster way to solve a rubiks cube? i already know how to solve it and i know the patterns/algorithms pretty well. for me i can do it in around 2-3min because i got the cube yesterday and learned it also i put lubricant in the inside so it moves...


Fingernail polish.

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What is the easiest way to solve a rubiks's cube?

I can get the first top layer and the cross easily, but I can't memorize the steps on getting the second and third layer done, any tips? Also what is the "easiest" way to solve a rubik's cube? I'm not trying to do it fast I just want to finish...


Take off the stickers and put them back on in the right place :)

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The Easiest Way To Solve A Rubiks Cube?

hi, can someone give me a link to a really easy to follow solution tutorial video for the rubiks cube? or a written tutorial thats easy to follow and understand.


Best video that helped: Type in "How to Solve a Rubik's Cube" on Youtube, click the first...

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How do i solve the rubiks cube afteri did one side the correct way?

please i need help because i want to be able to do it dont hesitate to use umm rubiks cube language ill under stand u


www.youtube.com/user/pogobat go to this website and look at his first few videos

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Faster way to solve a rubiks cube???

I solve it the way where you make a cross, then do it in layers. it takes me a little under a minute at my best, but people say that using that method, you cant get your time any lower then 30 seconds. what other ways are there, and how do those asians...


Fridrich, Roux, and Petrus and all methods you can get sub-20 with. Harris Chan uses Fridrich, and he...

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I know how to solve the rubiks cube layer by layer whats my next method or what do you recommend?

i know how to solve the cube in 1min and 13 seconds what method would you recommend after im still a beginner reply please


I would recommend that you move onto the Fridrich method (CFOP). There are stacks of tutorials out there...

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Whats the best way to epoxy up a rubiks cube... my grandather passed 2 days ago and i wanted to preserve it.?

Like the title says, i need to preserve a rubiks cube so the tiles dont move so it stays undesturbed and left like he left it. i was thinking a clear epoxy but i wanted to make sure that there werent any other better options out there


Put it in a Display case ;)))) Sorry for your loss.

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