What's wrong if I feel weak every time after I finish eating?

Let’s learn what's wrong if I feel weak every time after I finish eating. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by normalbreathing.com.

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Sleepy After Eating | Falling Asleep and Tired After Meals

Sleepy After Eating, Falling Asleep and Tired After Meals: ... (feeling sleepy after eating) ... at the same time.


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Every time after i finish eating i feel weak, tired and sleepy. what's wrong?

I work out everyday.. spent around 2 hours in the gym daily.. doing weights cardio etc etc. when i finish eating a meal every time. i feel sleepy and weak after wards i don't know ...show more


maybe your eating 2 much. How much do u eat? If u eat alot, plz don't eat anymore. Or.. maybe ur eating...

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Sleepy all the time and havent really been eating.. whats going on?

I haven't been able to get to sleep till 2-4 in the morning for some reason, But the thing is that i will get up at 7 or 8 and feel perfectly rested. But then later on in the day i will get really sleepy and then take little naps. Also whenever i make...


The first part makes me think you might have bipolar disorder and beginning a manic episode, this is...

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Oh yeah, not only that, I can just keep eating all day. You have to learn how to sort of hypnotize yourself...

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How Come I Feel Like Throwing Up Every Time I Finish Eating ?

I Tink I'm Pregant But Not Sure. I Get Nauses When I Smell Some Foods. And I'm Suppose To Have My Period This Week Or Next So I Can't Know Until Next Week......HELP !


Maaaaybe youre eating too much too fast? Haha

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For the past few days, every time i get hungry i feel like i will throw up...whats wrong w. me?

For the past few days, in the mornings when i wake up& later in the day when i get hungry it feels really uncomfortable like i am going to throw up, & it doesnt go away with snacking or eating a small meal, i havta eat something fat...lol...i...


Vela ok and nick retro make good sense. When I get that way, i just quit eating for a day or so and...

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Whats a good way to gain a few pounds while eating healthy at the same time?

It is really hard for me to gain weight. I think women look better w/ some meat on their bones. I am really skinny but i eat like a pig, I have tried everything, but i dont feel good if I eat unhealthy alot. I want to gain 5-7 lbs.I know people will...


I say enjoy it while it lasts, but either weight gain or weight loss is truly all math. If you intake...

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Whats wrong with me? I need help!?

The past two years I have become more and more withdrawn from friends. I may go out once or twice but lately people would ask me to go and hang with them but I would just make up excuses so I couldnt go. I feel alone not physically but mentally. Like...


You're alright! Honest your just having an off moment in your life... You'll get better in no time xD...

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I feel miserable. Can you help me figure out whats wrong?

I've got a few questions to ask here, so please bear with me. For the past year and a half I've been getting frequent sinus infections. My doctors diagnosed me with chronic sinusitis, and occasionally pump me full of antibiotics, but it never really...


The symptoms you describe are all symptoms of low red blood counts, such as are found in anemia. Even...

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