What should I bring in my carry-on bag?

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First time flyer! What size bag for CARRY ON and what can I bring?

I am going to TX for 2 weeks and flying for the first time! [[ SCARY :( ]] I need help figuring out what size bag I can use for a CARRY on to put in the over head compartment... I have a little Roller bag and I also have a duffle bag and need to know which to use. I also wanted to know if I can bring my blow dryer and straightener and make up[[Like mascara and eyeliner and foundation]] in my carry on. ANY HELP PLEASE!! Thanks


The size of the aircraft you're flying determines what sized carry on you can bring aboard. When in...

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Im going to Europe in two weeks.Its a 9 hour flight. Its a school sponsored trip so im not supposed to bring any cellphones. (I will bring it just in case of an emergency without anyone knowing but i cant take it out when i get bored) so there are no...


First off, do you know that your Cell phone is compatible in the country you are going to. You will...

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What am I allowed to bring in carryon bag on flight?

All I really want to bring that might be of concern is my walkman, some snacks and water, and maybe my cell phone. I've heard electronics can be a problem (someone told me they mess with the engine!...O.O) and I'm not sure if they let you bring ANY liquids...


what i always do is pack an unknown liquid in a steel pipe and act nervous.

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Can I bring 2 laptops in a carryon bag from the US into Mexico?

Will airlines allow you to bring 2 laptops in a carryon bag? I want to bring an old laptop to leave in Mexico at my friend's house and a newer one that I will also need while I am there and to bring back with me.


The problem is not whether you can carry on two computers or not. Mexican customs only allows you to...

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What are some things i should bring in my carryon bag?

6 hour plane trip to san jose CA. if u can list some stuff i need that's NOT on my list i'll give u ten points! and ps i don't have an ipod or phone my list: ...show more


Any bottle or spray such as perfume, hair spray must not exceed 2.5oz there are allot of new rules with...

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yes... check TSA.gov website.

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Yes. Leave the milk at home, though!

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Are you allowed to bring a backpack with wheels on it as a carryon bag?

please anwser im not sure first time im flying from philly to florida


yes but it has to be the right size I have only been stopped 1 X for oversize carry on that was in the...

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Yeah you can bring a toothbrush

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