What should a UX designer know about CSS (for a job interview?

Let’s learn what should a UX designer know about CSS (for a job interview. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by User Experience.

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What should a UX designer know about CSS (for a job interview)?

I've an interview on Friday for the role of a UX designer. The job description says 'require HTML & CSS skills'. While I know the basics of HTML& CSS, I have not done coding. What potential interview questions should I prepare for and what is a UX designer expected to know about in this area? Also, typically how much coding does the role of a UX designer require?


I have not done coding Well, then I'd say you don't have HTML and CSS skills. That's not a deal breaker...

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What skills are needed for a CS master student specialized in HCI to get a job?

As a thesis-based master student in CS, I am in a program emphasizing heavily on academic research (publication-oriented). My research focus is mainly ubiquitous computing (one branch of HCI), or you can consider it as creating some gadgets which may...


Too me your best start would be Front End/UI Developer.  Use your affinity toward UX to broaden into...

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What do I need to get a job as a UX/UI designer in NYC?

I have been out of the UI and UX design loop for about 3 years due to a repetitive strain injury. I have yet to fully recover but I would like to dive back in. Problem is, I need to work on updating my old portfolio. Unfortunately my portfolio is kind...


You aren't too far off in your assessment of the last 3 years, however it goes beyond just mobile. For...

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What level of HTML, CSS knowledge is expected from a UX Designer?

Hi All, I am working as UX designer and looking for change. I own a Masters degree in Cognitive Psychology. I am curious to know do i need to know html related stuff to get a good job?


The more HTML, CSS and JS knowledge you have, the better. You don't need to be able to build websites...

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Tell me about being a UX monkey

I think I want to be a UX/UI designer. Tell me about the nitty-gritty of daily life and whether a grad program would be worthwhile. A few months ago, I visited the career center at my university to take a test and talk about the results. My test indicated...


I got a B.S. in computer science with a concentration in user interface design, and have been working...

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What sort of skill test should a UX Designer expect during a job interview?

I'm a bit surprised by most of the answers which seem to focus on a solution vs. the assessment of getting there. We tend to frame the outcome, not really solve for it. Have I missed something?


We run potential candidates through a fictional design exercise—one that has nothing to...

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How do I turn job inquiries into good networking opportunities?

How to turn down job inquiries while making sure I build good relationships that I can call on in the future? It seems that as of late, everyone wants (to hire) me. Which is, hey, flattering, and this is the first time in my career that I've had so many...


Do I offer to interview anyway (which I hate doing) with the subtext of "hey, I'm not looking,...

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Not really, I am only familiar with a small part of those things. Are you? Here is a blog of a UI/UX...

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How much is the salary of a Filipina entry-level Junior Graphic Designer in Dubai UAE?

I have no working experience that's why I'm going to look for a company who'll give me a chance. I'm confident with my technical skills and creativity when it comes to photoshop, illustrator, indesign, paintoolsai, flash, after effects and dreamweaver...


Your detailed question is very informative but one thing should always be in your mind. When you join...

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As an in house user experience designer at a startup, how to deal with people constantly thinking they know how to do your job?

What do you do when people are constantly saying stuff like "well its a common UX pattern" (when it's not), or "well they do it this way", or "well I own the product, this is what we're doing" etc etc


The key to being happy in UX is realizing that everybody is designing. UX is a buzzphrase now, and just...

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