What types of jobs are in demand in San Diego?

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What types of jobs are in demand in San Diego California?

I am trying to decide on a career and whatever I decide on has to be recession-proof with good enough pay to live in California. I'd like to get the least amount of school possible but still get a really good paying career. Six figure salary or 60-70 grand/yr at the least. What are your opinions? Thanks :).


The only recession proof job right now anywhere would be in the medical field. Not sure what would pay...

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Hi, My wife and I want to move to San Diego. Can anyone tell us what jobs are in demand or needed there please

We live in Canada but want to move to San Diego permanently. We went there for our honeymoon and fell in love with it. We have been researching for years now (we know it's expensive) and still are determined to live there but my wife is looking for what...


Hi from France ♫ Check out : http://www.sandiegojobs.com http://www.sandiego.jobing.com http:...

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What types of social/political/gov jobs are in demand in California?

(L.A., Orange Co, Santa Barbara, San Diego, or San Fran) For someone with a SOCIAL SCIENCE associate degree? Grassroots, government.. anything entry level, basically


Because of the recession, and California being billions of dollars in debt (technically broke) unemployment...

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San Diego Charges fire Marty Shottenheimer...Who should get the job to become head coach of the Charges..?

Early Candidates for the Chargers Head Coaching Gig, Pt. 2 Posted Feb 13th 2007 2:00AM by mjd Filed under: Chargers, AFC West, NFL Coaching 1. Jimmy Johnson. John Clayton mentions here that the Spanos family has a great relationship with Jimmy Johnson...


In your order: 1. JIMMY JOHNSON: Will never leave the broadcasting booth. With the amount of coaching...

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Is carbon-14 dating accurate? (read the whole article or dont answer)?

Answers in Genesis: Upholding the Authority of the Bible from the Very First Verse Upholding the Authority of the Bible from the Very First Verse United Kingdom United States Other Countries ... Country: United States Language: English Good news About...


Yes it is really accurate. However, who cares?????? This is absurd because Carbon-14 dating is not used...

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Could i get some info about san diego,ca. Could i get some feedback from locals.?

Hi i would really like to relocate to san diego within the next 3-6 months. I'll getting out og the army soon. I need to know how's the living? Jobs, fun. Apts. Those types of things. I'll be coming from Tn. I've been to germany and iraq so i hope that...


San Diego is great with fun things to do and good living conditions. Getting a place to live will be...

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My wife and I want to move to San Diego. What should I know about the area?

We need to know what types of jobs are plentiful, what areas are best to live in, etc. We know that San Diego is expensive, so we can't afford a top of the line place, but we're not looking to slum it up either. What are the best things about the area...


The reason you are going to San Diego is for the weather, beaches, and lifestyle. It's a choice of yours...

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Common Jobs Found In Orange County?

Just need to know where and what are the most common types of jobs found in Orange County California. I wanted to get my Masters Degree in the field of work that I will be going into (whatever that is) and work in the Orange County Area, which is where...


Believe it or not, the same jobs are found pretty much nationwide with a few exceptions, like scuba...

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Best cities for single men looking for a fresh start?

Where is the best city for a single male software developer to start over? (Excluding DC, which is where I am now) I'm in my late 20's and I really feel like I need a change in my life. I'm barely content with my job, and kinda miserable with regards...


Yup. San Francisco. Live in the city, Oakland, or Berkeley, and write yourself a nifty OKCupid profile...

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Why is it so darned expensive to live in San Diego?

Low paying jobs, high rent. Ton's of crime, drug problems like I've never seen before and obnoxious yuppie types. I know there has to be something positive, but the two years I lived there weren't real pleasant.


Everything you say is true. I just like the beaches.

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