What video camera should I get for making youtube videos?

Let’s learn what video camera should I get for making youtube videos. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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What kind of camera should i get?

i want to get a camcorder, but i dont know what kind to get. i make movies and put them on youtube (www.youtube.com/noodlosity) and i want to start making my own music videos with my own music, but for that i'll need a new camera. i just wanted to know what would work for video editing and stuff. can someone help??


Sony makes a good product

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I have the Sony bloggie and I love it! It can do 1080p so its perfect for pretty cheap. Plus the lenses...

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What is the best type of Video camera?

Ok so I take video production in school and i wanted to start making videos and other things and maybe occasionally put them on youtube, but i dont want a camera that would only be good for youtube. I kind of want a decent good quality video camera with...


The Canon FS400 Camcorder would be an ideal choice , it has a whole heap of things which drive it to...

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Best video camera for youtube videos?

Okayy so like I said in my previous question, I've started making youtube videos but I need a good camera to make them! And I want a really good video camera so it has to be HD, it has to have auto focus and that's the 2 main things I want but I am only...


The best and cheapest are the SVP cameras . particularly the t series . these are fine for youtube ...

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Are Flip video camera any good?

I know that they're going to stop making them, but I wanna get the MinoHD 4gb 1 hour one. I'm going to use it for making Youtube videos. What do you think of Flip video cameras? Should I just save up for the 8gb 2 hour one? If you don't think they're...


From all the Yahoo answers I have answered over the last several month, if your dead set on getting...

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Good camera/video camera that focuses?

So I've recently started making youtube videos and my camera (Kodak Easyshare C1530) doesnt focus in video mode, which really sucks. I need a cheap(I mean legit cheap) camera that records decent quality and focuses. I understand you get what you pay...


The Polaroid looks like it's a dvf 720, there are reviews at amazon.com, one says not good in low light...

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Where or How would I start to get famous or known ON Youtube?

I know a 100,000,000 people probably ask this a day. But I'm starting out 15 ( I Know I have to wait till I'm a wee bit older) but I really want to do something on Youtube. I watch some of these people and I REALLY love making things like Movies, and...


Toooo many words letters man!!! CHIL! 1 word TAGS !!! Also send your video to random celebs on twitter...

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YOUTUBE!!!! camera? what do you think? New Zealand and the rest of the world!?

What video camera should i get for making youtube videos? what does it need to have? like online.. what should i look for to buy? what do you reccomend, preferably from new zealand but it doesnt really matter! Thanks, also what free movie editing software...


It’s totally up to your own priorities, if you don’t really have limitation on budget and...

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Have a new Camera, Canon 600D, could anyone give me a rundown of uploading HD video to PC, and good software?

Hey guys, I am a complete newbie with video editing software, how to not compress the quality, and how to get the best quality I can for making videos for YouTube, personal projects, etc... Can anyone give me a rundown of how to keep the quality, I plan...


DSLR camcorders take video, yes they do, but they do it by interpolating the video file, which means...

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Best Digital Camera to make Youtube videos that doesn't make a clicking noise?

I have started making youtube videos and they are doing very well. I started with a Canon ixus 230 HS but it makes a clicking noise in the backround which is not good. I have looked into other cameras and it looks like a lot of compact digital cameras...


I can't call myself experienced with compact cameras, but it sounds like what you're hearing is the...

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