What would be a good snowboard for a beginner girl?

Let’s learn what would be a good snowboard for a beginner girl. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by snowprofessor.com.

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Best Beginner Snowboards | SnowProfessor

Best Beginner Snowboards. ... we have compiled a list of snowboards we think are pretty good for beginners. The 12 snowboards ... Recommended Women’s Beginner ...


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Beginner girl snowboarder, snowboard isn't up to my chin.. will it work?

Hi, I bought my snowboard last year from a local ski/ snowboard shop.. and i feel like it is going to be too short this year. Im almost 5'6, and i weigh 108 pounds.. my ...show more


I think that yo should try it out then see if it will work for 1 more year and if it dosent then upgrade...

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That sounds about right, make sure your boot size fits the board, there are some good calculations on...

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Im having problems finding my snowboard size, and what kind to get!!?

Im a beginner, I have only spent one day on the slopes but I already love it. Im a girl that's 5'7 and I weight 230 lbs and I used size 10 snowboard boots from the rental ...show more


The second site was right. Your range is about 160-162 cm. As for brands and boards, it really depends...

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If i'm 5'7" and 135 lbs, will a 152cm snowboard be ok for me to use?

i'm a beginner and a girl. a guy at a snowboard shop recommended a certain board that i liked. i found it online for cheaper but the shortest one available is a 152...i've ...show more


I think since you're a beginner you'll want to go with a smaller board. go for a 147-150. It will be...

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ASAP snowboard buying help please?

im a 16 year old girl looking to buy a snowboard. im a true beginner and don't really want to spend hundreds of dollars on a board and gear, especially if i don't know if its ...show more


You would be looking for a board around like 142 centimeters long, and as for wide your shoes should...

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First snowboard advice.?

I'm looking into buying myself a snowboard. I'm definitely a beginner, a girl, I usually go to a park with artficial snow, and once I'm better, I'd like to spend most ...show more


as someone else said above, first thing you should buy is good boots and get them pro fitted at a board...

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Would this be a good snowboard size for a beginner?

Would the arbor formula snowboard in size 155 be a good size snowboard for a beginner that's 6 feet and 150ibs or should I go bigger and get the 158?


if you are a beginner I am assuming your not looking to hit the park right away so you want something...

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Best snowboard for beginner/intermediate?

i go snowboard maybe 2-4 times a year. i started 3 years ago so i think i'm somewhere between a beginner/ intermediate. what would be the best board for a beginner without wasting ...show more


Get a Lib tech skate banana 148 if you're in the park, 151 or 152 if you're an all mountain rider. Im...

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Could a 5 foot girl that is 19 years old use a youth snowboard?

I am trying to buy this girl a snowboard. She is 19 though and weighs about 105 pounds. I am trying to get her a 137mm JUNIOR snowboard because it is cheaper. She doesnt snowboard ...show more


Hey this website will explain how to choose a snowboard and has chart of sizes of boards based on the...

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