Whats the best way to turn down a job offer?

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Whats a polite way to turn down a job offer?

I'm about to be offered a job but I don't want to seem rude when I turn them down. The people who are offering the job are really lovely people and the only reason i'm going to turn them down is because i'm already employed working in a job I really enjoy and will hopefully lead onto my future career. Has anyone else been in this situation? If so what did you do?


Just tell them you're very flattered by the offer, but that you already have a job that you enjoy. Also...

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Is there a way to turn down a job offer you've already accepted?

Need some life advice here.. I recently accepted a job offer (verbally and on paper, at-will employment), for a job that starts not for almost another month, and am already having some second thoughts. If I get offered something else by another company...


To company #1: Your job offer is a great opportunity; however, after some serious introspection, I have...

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Whats the nicest way to turn down a guys offer?

so i know this guy for a while, like 2-3 years-ish. so before he told me he liked me and things got quite awkward that we stopped speaking. now a year later he wants to take me somewhere to eat or to the moviess >_<. hes a real nice person, but...


the best way is to tell him whatever u think honestly but u need to choose ur words so as to not hurt...

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What is the best way to turn down a job after you have signed the offer letter?

I know its unethical, but what if you received another offer which is more interesting and suits you better. Money is not an issue here, so going back to company one and negotiating is not an option


I would first talk to the hiring manager over the phone explaining honestly your position followed up...

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What is a polite but assertive way to turn down a job offer from a startup company because of their weak finances?

There are many people who show up to industry group meetings saying that they are looking for help with their engineering or design. They then ask you a lot of questions like they are going to hire your services but then mention that they want you to...


I'd be polite but direct:  "Your project sounds really interesting (if it does), but I'm not looking...

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There's really no "one" way to do this, since it depends largely on your reason for turning...

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How do I turn down a job offer from a close relative?

How do I (gently) turn down a job offer from a close relative? For the past year I have been assisting my stepfather's financial institution (a small bank with one branch for which he serves as their loan officer) with freelance grant writing and desktop...


Tell them that you've had a plan to be a writer for a long time (and possibly have a degree for that...

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Can I turn a job offer into an acquisition?

I've spent my life in academia, but I'm looking to make a move. Utilizing weekends over the past year I've built what I believe is a cutting edge tool for incorporating highly detailed demographic forecasts (my academic specialty) into business intelligence...


I would be very careful with that approach because if you mention that product, they might then question...

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If you are being laid off, they offer a job, you turn it down can you get unemployement?

I work in downtown LA (California). My company is laying me off but offered me a similar job in Irvine which is 102 miles round trip from my home. There is no relocation benefit. If I turn down the job becuase there is no way I am driving the orange...


Depends on what that area considers a reasonable commute.

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What is a polite way to decline a job offer?

It's a 3 month temp job. I don't want to job. Just in case the manger asks. How would I politely turn it down? What is a tactful way to decline?


Oh, thanks very much for thinking of me, I really appreciate it, but I'm not looking for a job like...

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