When To Take Prime Mango Pills?

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Dr. Oz has never recommended any brand. Visit his website and you will see a statement he made making...

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Allergic to all melons plus mango?

I've recently developed allergies to melons and mango. I would eat watermelon and mango ALL THE TIME when I was a child. I've been sick and needing to eat fruit. Watermelon and Mango are my favorite, but I can't eat them D: Is there anyway I can eat...


Do they make you itch? Watermelon is related to ragweed. If you get hay fever in the late summer and...

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I take Yaz. My period smells like ammonia?

Okay, so it's really gross, embarrassing, and weird. But I'm on my period right now, and it smells like ammonia. I tried looking it up, one site said it was a change in metabolism? I have been eating differently lately. I either eat an apple, banana...


i dont really know bout the ammonia smell but i was on yaz and my periods barely came at all dont worry...

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Is it safe to take the following vitamin supplements at the same time?

I have started taking a 5,000 mcg biotin vitamin supplement from nature's bounty (recommended to me by my hairdresser and approved by my doctor). I haven't had any side affects and I've been taking one per day for three weeks. One of my friends recently...


Natural doesn't mean safe. Nor does it mean that you should consume it. If you have money to throw out...

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When do I take my birth control pills?

I went to the clinic yesterday and I got some birth control pills and the doctor said I could start taking them tomorrow which is today and I can choose the time I want to take them. Do I have to take them today? Or can I wait a lil bit and take them...


You can wait to start your pills any day. Most pills say that you need to start on the sunday after...

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Arn't I supposed to get my period when I take the "sugar pills"?

I just started taking the Yaz birth control. I went through all of the pink pills and two sugar pills but I have not had my period yet. I thought that I was supposed to get my period for the four days that I take the "sugar pills"? Tomorrow...


Sometimes it takes until the end of the sugar pills for a woman to get her period, so yes it will come...

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Kidney Stones when take birth control pills, but if I dont take the b/c pills I wont have a period?

It seems each time my doc has started me up on a birthcontrol pill over the past 4 years I end up with bouts with kidney stones...but If I do not take the birthcontrol pill then I wont have a period. I have horrible skin breakouts allover face head neck...


It sounds to me like you could have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), and that's probably why your...

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When is the best time to take my force factor pills?

the problem is my workout are at nights, so i was wondering if i can take my force factors an hour before my workout and an hour after my workout rather than before breakfast and before lunch because it doesnt really help me because i only workout at...


I called the 1-800 number in the back of the bottle and the rep told me to take two 30 min before a...

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When to take TWO seperate doses of .5 ATIVAN pills?

Ok my bottle says to take ativan twice daily. I usually wake up at 9am and go bed at 1am. What times should I be taking my doses? Lately I take one when I wake up, and then I take another one around Noon. I think that is wrong because I get reallly Tired...


Ok. If you are taking Ativan for anxiety, keep taking one dose in the morning, the other one take it...

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When u take any kind of pills and u have take twice daily. is it true tht if u take them at nite?

does it work beter for ur body or is it tha same if u take one in tha morning and nite


Some medicines only stay in your system for a specific amount of time. If you took at the same time...

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