When you buy something on ebay how do you pay?

Let’s learn when you buy something on ebay how do you pay. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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If I buy something on Ebay for $300, how much tax would I pay to get it from customs when it arrives?

I have seen an item $200 cheaper in the US than England, but I don't want to get hit for loads of sales tax or whatever it's called when it arrives here - does anyone know how ...show more


please don't use the above rule of thumb because its not true. different items have different import...

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When you buy something from ebay, when do u pay after you get the item or before?

i just bought tickets. but there suppose to email them to me cause there the ones you print out.. it says to pay with paypal. but do i pay before or after i received the email ...show more


ebay will send you the you won ebay blank item and item # blank when you recevied that then you have...

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How do you buy something on ebay and not pay for it?

I want to get something on ebay and use my paypal account and have the seller get their money. However, I dont have the money in my account. Do you know if it will just be a negative amount in my paypal after I pay? Will the seller still send out the...


PayPal automatically transfers money form your checking account and if that fails they use your credit...

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Ebay Problem. When I was trying to buy something and pay for it, this happen:?

Your credit card, ending in XXXX, cannot be processed. Please select a different funding option or add a new credit card to complete checkout. Does anyone know what this means? It's my first time using Ebay. It's also my first time using Paypal and my...


Suggestion Don't bother with Ebay/paypal there are OTHER opportunities anyhow Consumerizm is NOT sustainable...

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When buying items off of eBay, the item price and the shipping cost are combined to give you one total...

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First of all, be sure the seller accepts money order. When the auction is over it will show you the...

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After you've won or bought the item, send your payment to the seller within 3 days. They will not send...

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I'm confused with how pay pal works. At 1st I thought I had to transfer funds inorder to buy something on ebay?

then, i saw how I could just checkout with my debit card. My paypal account has $0.00, because it takes 3-5 day to process the $50.00 I added The question I have is since I checked out with my debit card, will the charges go directly to my bank or to...


They will be deducted from your checking account. Then once the $50.00 gets transferred into your paypal...

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If I buy something off of Ebay from a friends account.. can I pay with my own PayPal?

I was wanting to buy a phone off of Ebay and use my friends Ebay account because I dont have one and she has great feedback. If I buy it using her's will it take the money out of her paypal or can I sign in using my own pay pal account to pay for it...


Give her cash, and let her pay with her own paypal account. I don't mean to preach, but you're supposed...

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What happens if you buy something on Ebay, and then you don't pay for it?

I saw this really pretty dress on Ebay, and i stupidly clicked buy. And also one of those ones where instead of using pay pal you just deposit money straight into there account. I changed my mind and don't want to buy the dress now, and also the seller...


If you do not pay in 4 days, the Seller might open an unpaid item case against you through eBay. Then...

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