Where To Watch Philippine Tv On Ipad?

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How can I watch tv on my ipad for free?

I have netflix but nothing i really like is om there. IF IT WAS LIVE TV I WOULD BE SO HAPPY!!! THANK YOU BEAST ANSWER GETS TEN POINTS


Well sort of, if you have cable from a major cable company get this app http://itunes.apple.com/us/app...

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What are some free sites where I can watch tv shows on my iPad?

I usually use project free tv & watch series, project free tv works on my iPad but sometimes it's really slow (and it's nothing got to do with my wifi connection btw), any ...show more



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Can you watch BBC iPlayer (Global) for iPad on your home TV via an HDMI connection?

As above, I'm a British expat living in Australia who craves a does of the BBC once in a while! Thankfully with the launch of iPlayer for the iPad this is now possible! My question is that if I plug my iPad into my TV with an iPad-HDMI cable will the...


Yes, I can do that for iPad... Good luck!

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What's a good FREE app to watch tv shows on an apple iPod/iPad?

I'm looking for a FREE app to watch live tv or tv episodes for free. Just something to watch some tv shows any suggestions that are good thanks. Looking for some to play cartoons and other things for me and my little siblings lol :)


Try crackle. It has commercials every so often but has lots of free tv episodes and movies

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How can I watch live tv on my Ipad?

i have a ipad and i really want to be able to watch college football or the news when im on a buisness trip or somthing. What is the best app so i will be able to watch tv? i dont want to have to buy some other thing with it just the app


Only ESPN3 streams live sports and even then depends on the broadband provider whether they allow it...

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Can i watch movies and tv shows on my ipad from netflix?

i am getting a ipad soon and i have heard rumors that you can watch tv shows and movies on watch instantly. is this true or not thanks


yes, this is true. you just need the netflix ap: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/netflix/i...

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Are there any sites that you can watch TV shows on your Ipad?

hey, I am looking for a site where I can watch TV shows on my Ipad and/or Ipod touch. (not an APP) also not a site for like a jailbroken thing. just a regular one. thanks!


the shows website- all usa tv shows have official sites and most all have full episodes available for...

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they have an ipad 3 ?!?!?!

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How to watch movies from ipad to tv?

Theres a movie my little sister wants to watch called A.I. Artificial Intelligence. I have a Vizio tv and used the Youtube app on it to search for the movie for it to display on tv. ...show more


Nope. Assuming it is available in the iTunes Store you'd have to buy it 1st & then you'd have to...

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Are people really going to watch the super bowl on a ipad instead of a tv?

why would someone want to watch it on a ipad instead of hdtv in 5.1 surround sound?


Well, for one, not everyone HAS HDTV with 5.1 surround sound. Are people really going to watch the Super...

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