Where can I buy a good go kart engine?

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Where can i buy an engine for a go kart in Nanjing China?

Need an engine for my go kart : ) Does any one know if there are any shops in Nanjing that sell engines for go karts or any type of engine that could be used for go karts? I have heard that motorcycle engines can also be used on go karts, if this is true, where could i buy one and how much would one be?


Typical go-karts use small two-stroke engines, from 5 to 8 hp maximum, usually Briggs & Straton...

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Where can i buy a 250cc engine for a go cart that is a shifter kart?

I'm looking for a 250cc engine for a go cart. The engine has to be a shifter kart though. I'm also looking for the cost around $300-$600. And also how fast can a 250cc engine go up to? And it doesn't matter what kind of brand the engine is. -Thanks


check ebay and look for a 2 stroke dirtbike engine from a honda cr250, yamaha yz250, suzuki rm250, or...

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Go Kart Engine. Where can I get or buy?

Where can I get or buy a gokart? I was thinking to build a home made gokart? so can you give me a hint where can I get my parts? or where can I get some? And please give me some tips ...show more


harbor freight normally sells engines that can fit go karts

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Try Advance Auto Parts?unstarred - 3201 Memorial Pkwy NW, Huntsville, AL? - (256) 851-7566.

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Cheap and racing do not go together very well!!! Try looking for a fresh used engine at a local kartshop...

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a nice B&S engine upto 1500 dollars or as cheap as 250.00

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Building Legal Go Kart?

I'm 16, me and my dad have been discussing my first car. We have both thought of a go-kart but from scratch. We plan to buy a go kart chassis and basically put this onto it: Motorbike Engine w/ transmission which will be directly connected via chain...


Yes it should be possible, though I'd rethink your placement of things, especially placing a large fuel...

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What is a 250 national? whats the fastest kart you can buy?

eg. how fast can it go? whats the engine make? whats the chassis like? and what is the fastest 2 stroke kart you can buy how fast does it go thanks is it a kz1


a 250 national has a single cylinder, the quickest in the uk are 250 twins also known as superkarts.

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Where to buy a Clinton engine?

I am building a vintage go kart and I need a Clinton E-65-1100 series engine with a 12 volt fly wheel generator. I looked almost every where and I can't find any for sale. Does any one know where to buy one in Ontario or can some one sell me theirs....


That is the engine used on Centaur Scooters. Do you really need the special magneto on a Go Kart? I...

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Can i build a go kart from an old tractor?

i have a broken lawn tractor that i may buy off my dad and convert to a go kart. i know it would take a lot of modification, but i think the result is worth it. i would get a new 10-15hp horizontal shaft engine. would there be any other issues doing...


you can get the current trans to go faster. typically the trans is driven from a belt under the engine...

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