Where can I buy a grand piano, it can be second hand?

Let’s learn where can I buy a grand piano, it can be second hand. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by ukpianos.co.uk.

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Used Pianos | Second Hand Upright, Digital, Grand

Used pianos for sale: Second Hand Upright, Digital and Grand pianos. ... You can compare the age, condition, quality and rating of each second hand upright piano.


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Hey guys do you know any good place in mumbai where you can buy a second hand piano in mum?

the piano should not be very bad and if you can also tell me the address and maybe the cost also what brand you may get there.


I last looked 2 weeks ago but the newspaper had 2 for sale. A bit expensive but you could bargain if...

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What s the best full size piano keyboard I can buy with touch sensitive keys, second-hand for about £60-£70?

My Daughter is learning Piano and although we don't have the space for a full size piano a good full size keyboard that has touch sensitive keys and a fairly good sound would be the next best thing. My problem is that I have a budget for this of no more...


have you tried www.gumtree.co.uk or movethat.com

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This sheet music is available online at a number of sites.

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Should I get my parents to buy me an Xbox 360 or a 2nd hand upright piano?

All my friends have 360s. They want me to get one so I can play with them. The piano is a hundred pounds more but i can play it really well and is the best way to pursue in a musical career.


I think you already know the answer. ALL your friends have 360s and guess what all those friends will...

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what (ugh) electronic piano should I buy?

thinking of buying a piano: getting a real one is logistically impossible, but I hate most electronic pianos. recommendations? I'm living in the Boston area for the next year or two, and I've been thinking of buying a piano. The previous piano I owned...


If you have not seen them already - here are some pretty thoughtful and comprehensive answers to this...

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What questions should i ask when inquiring about a second hand piano?

I'm currently piano hunting and want to buy a second hand upright piano. Despite the obvious questions- when was the last time it was tuned & is there any hidden damage; are there any relevant and potentially vital questions which i could ask? Also...


First of all, invite your tuner / regulator to inspect the piano before you buy it. After all, he or...

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Where can I find original piano scores for musicals?

I was wondering if there's anywhere I can go to buy the MTI piano 1 part for Jekyll and Hyde. I know that there exists a book with accompaniment and melody in the right hand, but I'm looking for the straight accompaniment without any melody... I played...


Here is a blog which has an endless amount of free downloadable Piano/Vocal scores. Very helpful, and...

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Am i too old to learn Piano??

Hi....may i know if self learn piano is possible?? may i know where should i start?? i plan to save up and buy a second hand piano as i am really interested in knowing the ...show more


It is NEVER too late to learn a new instrument!.. I think you should start with the basics, simple songs...

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