Where can I buy jazz combo sheet music?

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Is anyone aware of a website where I could buy sheet music arranged for a jazz combo?

I'm starting a jazz combo with a couple of friends and I'm looking for music we can play that isn't just fakebook tunes but more or less actual arrangements. If anyone is ...show more


Try J.W. Pepper.

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I was wondering if anyone knew how to get free sheet music for a jazz combo group for all the sections?

when i say sections i mean the drums, brass, and alto tenor and any other parts i need all the parts to at least 5 songs for an individual jazz combo group


it is not legal to download copyright music without paying for it that violates the copyright laws,...

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Where can I buy Jazz enseble music?

I have just got together a small jazz band made up of Bass, Sax, Piano, Drums and Trumpet and I need to buy some sheet music. Can someone please give me some good websites? Thanks ...show more


Ejazzlines has a good selection go to http://www.ejazzlines.com

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What are the best jazz piano solos to buy piano sheet music for? Gotta be funky!?

So my sister has a piano scholarship for college and she unfortunately gets stuck playing a lot of boring classical stuff. I know Thelonious Monk (sorta), but I don't know which ...show more


song for my father, theres many versions of it, one is a piano solo, unfortunately, i dont know who...

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Jazz flute?

Does anyone know if there where to get any free jazz flute sheet music? If not does anyone know a really good jazz music book for flute that I could buy? With or with out piano parts is fine.


Suite for Jazz Flute written by Claude Bolling. You can buy it at sheetmusicplus.com for $50. It includes...

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What guitar book should I buy?

I'm an experienced classical guitarist but I'm looking to branch out. I can read sheet music but I can't read chords. I would like to learn jazz guitar in particular but I'm interested in other styles as well. I've seen a lot of stuff out there but I...


Ted greene's "chord chemistry"

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What is a good jazz standard songbook that shows chords, melody, and lyrics?

Ideally geared for guitar.  Not necessary to show chord shapes (though that would be a plus).  Most important is to indicate chords, as well as lyrics and melody.  I have a single sheet of music from a class that is perfect (but the teacher doesn't remember...


There are lots of fakebooks that include Autumn Leaves, but another source for sheet music is wikifonia...

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audio receiver help

Need help selecting an audio receiver to integrate with a piecemeal existing setup. I loves me a variety of audio and video stuff - probably too much - but looking at receivers on the net fills me with dismay and confusion. I would like to know what...


The lower end Onkyos actually do everything you want, although when you add in a second (powered) zone...

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Final piano piece.....?

Hi I'm finishing off my lessons with a great piano teacher with whom I have learnt with for 2 years. I am going to be moving on to a new piano teacher as I am moving house. He would like me to play one final piece... a really good one? Any suggestions...


http://www.sheetmusicdirect.us/?affiliat… This gives you access to thousands of songs you can...

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What are some good alto saxophone solos?

Hi. I'm looking for some alto saxophone solos to play. Unaccompanied solos please. I want something that's upbeat like rock or jazz. I don't want to buy sheet music, so please leave a link to a free download. Thanks


its actually for a tenor, but it might work on an alto. Prove it all night by bruce springsteen. the...

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