Where can I buy the best aquarium plants online?

Let’s learn where can I buy the best aquarium plants online. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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Any good live plant web sites to buy plants for my aquarium?

any suggestions on some plants for a tank with angel fish?


Hi! I have two really good sites where they have all kinds of fish, plants, decorations, everything...

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Where can I buy aquarium plants in australia, cheap? ?

I live in Perth so around here would be good, it has to come from some where in was because off the strict customs they won't let any plants come in:(


I think you refer to it as a billabong or something like that or you join a local fish club and trade...

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Online Website to buy Aquarium Plants? In the UK?

I usually buy my plants from pets at home and my local maidenhead aquatics, but both these stores are quite a trek. Does anyone know of any good, trustworthy websites, that sell cheap, good quality plants? I pay £12 for 4 large, healthy plants...


Best place for live plants that are cheap, is Java. http://www.java-plants.com/index.php?cPa&hellip...

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Most good pet shops should stock a wide variety of aquatic plants. There are also mail order suppliers...

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Where can i buy aquarium plants for cheap?

im looking for someplace cheaper than places like petsmart or petco that charge 10$ per plant for the bigger ones....is there even a cheaper place..or website?


I have found that at this web site in the past.

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Aquarium Seeds (fistank plants) - is it legal to buy them?

Hello I was looking through Ebay to buy Aquarium (fishtank plants) Seeds. I came across this posting: ...show more


I don't see where it lists what kinds of plants those are. I know one of those plants looks like elodea...

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Any sites I can buy fake aquarium plants real cheap?

I was just wondering for my fish tank and all. The large ones at petsmart are something like 7 bucks if you give me the link that would be great I am trying to stay under 5 bucks ;) ...show more


Amazon sells a lot of plant bundle packs and such. Check it out. I once bought one single plant on amazon...

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Good online source for aquarium fish, plants, and supplies?

What is the best online store in the US to buy aquarium fish, plants, and supplies from? I am in a small town in the USA and do not have access to great pet shops, and I want to set up a big aquarium--probably 55 or 75 gallons. (I had such an aquarium...


I live near That Fish Place, and they have a good facility, lots of plants types available. I've not...

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What is the best light fixture to buy for a planted aquarium?

I would like to start a planted tank and need some advice on the best light fixture to purchase. I have a 30 gallon tank and I'm thinking of going with T5 lighting. Ideally, I would like to stay around the $100 mark and get a good light that will keep...


How much external light will the tank be getting? Build your own. I use LEDs. I try to put at least...

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Help making an appealing ad? Its for aquarium maintenance!?

Ok, so I was wondering if someone might help me make my ad more appealing? Thanx for any advice and help! If you have an existing aquarium or wish to install one I am here to help you. I will help you find compatible fish, lights, plants gravel I can...


just do aquaculture course

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