Where can I find a beach where I can have a fire and/or BBQ equipment in Jersey Shore or NY?

Let’s learn where can I find a beach where I can have a fire and/or BBQ equipment in Jersey Shore or NY. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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Where can i find a beach where I can have a fire and/or BBQ equipments in Jersey Shore or NY?

As the title says,, Some friends and I are planning to have a picnic on the beach but we are new to the east coast, just moved from California. Any nice beaches near central of NJ? ...show more


in new york its brighton beach..and never been to NJ so i dont know.

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Which Boardwalk on Jersey Shore is best for Me Sat Night?

Granted I'm from NY, but from a touristy beach town out in the hamptons so I go through these same annoyances during the summer as residents of shore towns. I don't want to bump into 3000 guidos from NYC through the course of the night. I don't want...


are you kidding new jersey? there is nothing in new jersey

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Are douchebags that common in NY-NJ as depicted in Jersey shore?

Spiked hair...fake tan and an ego-centric, narcisstic behavior. I'm not saying you won't find these creatures in California but they're a lot well-behaved comparison to the raging d*ckheads on Jersey Shore


You mean guidos? Those tools are on tv for a reason. They are the stereotype and their doucheness is...

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Wearyourbeer.com is NY based clothing company with quite a selection of Jersey Shore t-shirts.

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Where can I find a "pet friendly" hotel in Maine, Long Island or the Jersey Shore???

Also where I can take him on the beach. He is 20 pounds and very well behaved.


try this site: www.petfriendlytravel.com

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Wildwood Beach in New Jersey - worth going to?

Hi, I am staying in NY for 4 nights and wanted to spend a day in Jersey shore. I heard there is a good outlet mall and that wildwood beach is the place to go. Has anyone been there? Is the beach really good and what else is there to do in Jersey Shore...


It is for a young crowd, between 20 and 30.

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Is there a place in Texas where we can camp on the beach shore?

I'm trying to find a place where my friends and I can camp on the beach shore. (The sand) I was thinking we could just find a nice beach to go to where the sand is soft and the water is nice, pitch our tents and have a grand night. But is this illegal...


No, not illegal to camp. You have to get away from the cities. For instance, Galveston specifically...

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How to Beach BBQ?

I would like to grill out on the beach (Newport Beach, CA) in city-provided fire pits. AFAIK, these pits are just concrete rings with sand in them. How should I start the charcoal? If i use a chimney like this, will the coals continue to burn when sitting...


Any normal fire-starting method should work fine. If what you're worried about is ventilation from underneath...

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WHAT IS WRONG with New Jersey? WE have the Best State?

UGH im so sick of everyone giving New Jersey such a bad rep! New Jersey is one of the best states economically. We are the richest state in the United States and we are Number 1 in Education and Graduation Rate....Sure theres the small section of the...


LOL, I lived in Jersey my whole entire life practically until last year and I can't WAIT to get back...

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Jersey Shore Rental Help?(:?

I'm looking for a beach house/townhouse/condo. along the Jersey Shore, specifically somewhere in Ocean City, Cape May, or Wildwood. It needs to fulfill the requirements of... - sleeps about 8 people (it will be a party, so it's okay to sleep on the floor...


VRBO is where houses for vacation rentals are advertised. Your budget is way too little since the average...

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