Where can I find some scary stories or scary urban legends online?

Let’s learn where can I find some scary stories or scary urban legends online. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by urbanlegendsonline.com.

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UrbanLegendsOnline.com - Myths, rumors, scary stories and ...

... Horror, Scary Stories and Online Rumors Since 2004. Urban Legends Online is where you'll find the most popular urban legends and ... Stories / UrbanLegendsOnline.


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Google. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quileute

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Whr can i find stories,legends,festivals,poet… associated with land?

this is a project on "land- a realm of environment" n want info on all the above..


The public library, go to a history or events web-site.

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Scary stories / urban legends? Any suggestions?

Do you have any good scary stories or urban legends? Not books that I have to purchase, but actual stories? You don't have to tell me the story, you can just leave the title, if you'd like. Also, do you know any websites I can use to find scary stories...


1.mothman 2.goatman 3.ahool 4.Dogman 5.skinwalker

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An anyone tell my scary filipino legends?

For anyone who knows tons of scary Filipino stories and legends that your Lolo's and Lola's use to tell you. I'm up for a scare so try to find as scary as you can. and for anyone who knows the legends to: Robina Gokongwei's "snake twin" The...


Balete Drive ghost stories have been around allegedly since the 1950s. The most popular is a &ldquo...

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What are the best ghost stories to read aloud?

What are the best ghost stories, urban legends, or other fun creepy/scary tales to tell or read aloud to a group of friends? Most of the ones you find in old anthologies of Victorian-style ghost stories aren't quite right for this purpose, since they...


What makes any story horrible is its content developed after a lot of thinking. Writing scary short...

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What are the stories behind Shiva, Krishna and all the other blue "gods"?

well, I've recently started taking Colloidal Silver, and saw that man who went on TV to talk about how he took it and eventually his whole body turned blue. I've always been interested in ancient cultures, and realized that in many cultures if you go...


The "race" that you are talking about is not linked to Hinduism at all. THe holy trinity in...

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Where can I find information on historical paladins?

Where can I find information on historical paladins? I'm trying to do some research on historical paladins and medieval paladins legends. Wikipedia has a decent article as a starting point, but I'm having some trouble finding any other information that...


D&D paladins owe more to the Charlemagne legend than Arthurian, which presents a slightly different...

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Legends / Stories about Paris, France?

For some unknown (to me) reason, I cannot find legends or stories of Paris. I'm pretty sure there are plenty. I just can't find any! Any help?


Perhaps these will help: http://books.google.com/books?q=paris+fr… http://onlinebooks.library...

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