Where can I get PC generic software for a camcorder?

Let’s learn where can I get PC generic software for a camcorder. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by wondershare.com.

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How to Transfer Videos from Camcorder to Computer

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What software can I get that I can use to get or transfer videos from my sony camcorder to my pc..?

my camcorder is a Sony DCR-HC15E..it uses MIni DV tapes...and..yeah..there is actually a bundle software but it requires me to attach a background sound for the video that will substitute the real sound and voices etc...(please tell me wheere I can get...


-For this process you will need a Firewire Cable (sometimes referred to as an IE 1394). This will be...

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How do you?/ What software is needed? to get a video from my camcorder onto a PC and ultimately onto a DVD?

Samsung Camcorder, records onto digital tape, has an s-video plug (not really sure what that is anyway)


U need Roxio Media Suite. Put the dvd in the tray start the programme , connect the camera and click...

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How can i get my Analog camcorder videos onto my PC??

How can i get my analog camcorder tapes onto my PC? i have a newer computer with AMD64 live, so i have the A/V inputs already. however, my windows movie maker wont let me capture the video onto the computer. i uesd to be able to to this on my old Athalon...


I'm not expert on Movie Maker, but there should be a manual capture option. As long as the application...

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Good camcorder for uploading footage to PC?

Can someone tell me what a good camcorder is for around $450? I was looking at a used cannon HV20 but I read it does not come with a software disc,windows movie maker wont support it,and if you want to get the footage even on your PC it has to be plugged...


If you want quality then that is a very good camcorder, tape based camcorders will beat most Hard drive...

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Mini DV Camcorder Video Quality on PC: Why is the quality so poor when I upload it to my PC?

I have a Sony DCR-HC96 Camcorder. I don't have firewire on my PC but this camcorder allows uploads via USB. Is there any difference in video quality between USB and Firewire? I'm using the software that came with the Camcorder (Picture Package). How...


The video you transfer via USB is highly compressed - it's not intended to be used for video capture...

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Problem w/ Camcorder connection to PC?

I have a Panasonic Digital Palmcorder Camcorder. the Model no. is PV-DV103. I have installed software called PHOTOVU LINK. But the software says "please check pc/palmcorder connection." I can't seem to get the camcorder to communicate with...


I am not sure if you purchased the usb connection cable? If you haven't you will need it to connect...

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How can I download from a DV tape camcorder to a PC?

I want to download a wedding from my video camera which contains a DV video tape. We have video editing software and have tried to download using a USB port connection but the PC asks for a driver for the camcorder (sharp VL -Z8). How do we get a driver...


Get a Firewire card, and it will work magically. USB connections on DV camcorders are *usually* for...

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PLEASE HELP!!! My PC doesn't detect my camcorder?

I've got to get some film from our camcorder to my PC for editing. But my PC doesn't detect the "Device". I'm using Windows XP and only have USB ports. The Camcorder uses USB and Firewire. I bought a Sima USB Multi-Cable so I could try by the...


I had a similar issue where Pinnacle studio was not detecting my camcorder at all. At the time i was...

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Why cant i connect my dv tape video camcorder to my pc?

I have a firewire, my computer doesnt have a 6pin firewire port, but i orders a 6pin female to usb male adapter. is it junk? should i just get a firewire card and install it? or do i need a software? cause when i plug in my camcorder with the firewire...


People either don't read the Questions or they dont have a clue about tape based cameras. you have two...

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