Where can I get free career counseling?

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Are you a college student or a recent graduate? If you're one or the other, you can use your college...

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Can I get some career counseling?

I really need some help! I am constantly changing my major. I set huge goals for myself but I can't stick to them long enough to attain them. I'm looking for some ideas for what might be a good job for me to go into, based on my interests. Here is my...


Your perfect career is one that you can enjoy (within reason) and still provides you the opportunity...

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How does someone get into a counseling career, mainly for adolescentes?

I'm interested in psychiatry and in helping "troubled" or distraught youth with whatever problem or obstacles some may have. But I have not idea where or how I would start my education for a career like that, or which ways or subjects there...


Take some psychology and counseling classes. A psychiatrist is a medical doctor but a certified counselor...

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If you want a private counseling practice, then an MSW and the LSCW is likely the best route. If you...

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Does anyone know what it takes to get started in a career for Credit Counseling (ie degree needed)?

I want to become a credit counselor and educated people and help them budget and what not to get out of debt and stay there and begin to improve their score. I have a little background in this field just like 6 months and i think its something i would...


You don't need a degree if you know and have some experience. try getting a life experience degree online...

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For counseling nationally the job outlook is that employment is expected to grow faster than the average...

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Career Direction and Making a Move

Settle further into a career I feel "meh" about in order to move to a desired location, or stay put and keep hoping for a "dream" career that has been so far unreachable? My career goal is to become a high school guidance counselor...


It sounds like these are your options: 1. Stay in your city, stay at your job, continue looking (why...

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Help me turn my interests into a career!

Please help me figure out potential careers based on my interests and the best paths to obtain them. Psychology, economics, statistics? Market research? Psychometrics? This got kind of long and I apologize, but I feel like it's all pretty relevant. I...


FYI: Upper-level economics classes are just calculus in funny clothes.

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How do I go about getting a master's in Counseling?

What is the best way to get into the counseling field? I am about 1 year out of my undergrad and realized I am pretty dissatisfied with what type of work I am doing. It's not quite what I expected and I find myself feeling that I'm not living to my potential...


Your second last sentence is your answer. Was there another question?

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Where is Career counseling center in Pakistan?

I need career counseling. According to my information and research you can get this service after admission in university. I want this service before admission. Is there is any other way for career counseling like online that accept payment in money...


There are several career counselling centres in Pakistan.Only in big cities. But u can contack centres...

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