Where can I get speakers for a surround sound system?

Let’s learn where can I get speakers for a surround sound system. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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Can i get a cinema system for a sharp aquos blu-ray player?

i've got a sharp aquos blu-ray player but i'm wanting to get a a cinema surround sound speaker system for it. everywhere seems to sell speakers with a dvd or blu-ray player with it, the only seperate speakers which are designed for use with a computer. Any ideas if sharp do a speaker system for it and where i could find it (google didn't help)


I could only find a Sharp system with 2 speakers.Ive got this Sony system ive added in the link.The...

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You could hook up as many speakers as you wanted to that but you'd still only have 7 distinct channels...

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How do I deside:should I get a surround sound system or a pair of tower speakers and two rear speakers?

no center speakers and no surround sound processor to force all the bass into a subwoofer while the main speakers have no bass what so ever.


surround sound is much much better. very easy to buy and install and easy to fix if broken.

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When you are using a surround sound home theatre system should you still get sound through your tv speakers?

I purchased a home theatre sound system and after I hooked it up I am not getting any sound from my actual original tv speakers. This makes the sound quality not so good, not loud ...show more


Some home theater in a box does not provide allot of power to listen to them at loud volume. You should...

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How do I get all of MY Samsung Surround Sound system speakers to work at the same time? ?

I have a samsung surround sound system and a samsung TV. All hook ups have been checked numerous times by "paid experts". The Surround sound seemed to be working just fine ...show more


I have a Yamaha surround sound receiver and it has individual volume control settings for the front...

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That depends on the model, of both the TV and the SS system. There should be some kind of audio out...

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Where can I get a Samsung surround sound dvd player without the speakers?

I purchased a Samsung surround sound system about 4 years ago and the dvd player that came with it does not work. I don't want to have to get new speakers (since mine work perfectly fine) but I don't want to spend 400 dollars on a bulky receiver. I basically...


If your Samsung surround system has at least one s/pdif input port, then just buy any BD player, connect...

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How do I get video from my surround sound system to my PC?

Ok, here's a scoop on what's going on. My surround sound speakers are my speakers for my computer. I have a smaller TV than my PC monitor, so I want to watch DVD's on my computer but still benefit from the actual surround sound my system has. I have...


I think I know what you are talking about, but its still very unclear on how your current setup is....

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How do I get sound from all 5 speakers on my 5.1 surround?

Hi guys, I have a surround sound 5.1 system set up in my bedroom, it's blue ray and I also have a sat reciever hooked up aswell. I am using the hdmi cable and the optical cable for sound, it goes from my blue ray player to the sat. The sound works fine...


Keep in mind that not all tv program have surround sound, only those program with the Dolby Digital...

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