Where can I take a good, free learning style test online?

Let’s learn where can I take a good, free learning style test online. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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Where can I take a Myers Briggs learning style test?

I have to do it for my AP Lit homework, and we have to find a version of the test online. I can't find one anywhere. Please help!


http://www.humanmetrics.com/cgi-win/jtypes2.asp http://www.teamtechnology.co.uk/mmdi/questionnaire/...

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Is there an actual FREE kids learning style inventory test to take to help with homeschool curriculum ?

I have googled a lot of options and I can't seem to find an actual site that won't charge you to take the test. I want to choose the right curriculum and thought this might ...show more



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What test should my 21yr brother take to see if he has a learning or concentration problem?

My brother has struggled all his life with concentrating in class and learning. He dropped out of high school but got his GED. He started college last year and it has been a real struggle for him mainly in math classes (well more like algebra and stuff...


If he is still in college, have him contact student learning services and also visit the counseling...

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Who is the creator of VAK learning style test??

VAk- visual auditory and kinesthetic learning style test it asks questions like: . When I operate new equipment I generally: a.read the instructions first b. listen to an explanation from someone who has used it before c.go ahead and have a go, I can...


You're referring to Kolb's Learning Model. Do a google on either VAK or Kolb. There's quite a bit of...

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Does anyone know of a way to test elementary children's learning style for free!!!?

I am interested in learning what my children's learning styles are. I homeschool 2 8yr old twins and one 6 yr old. Thanks inadvance for your help.


Cynthia Tobias has a few great books. Here's the best, IMO, on how they learn: http://www.amazon.com...

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Six months learning to drive before i can take a test?

Im 16 and my 17th birthday is 7 months away (Feb) and i want to be able to drive (a car) soon after im 17 but this boy just told me you have to do 6 months driving minimum? I was planning on learning before im 17 (not on the road before people start...


ok you got to drive with your permit for 6 months with a professional instructor with might cost you...

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Should I take the distance learning program and test series from allen,Kota or go to Kota for studying there?

I have cleared class XII this year with 94% in science and have decided to drop to get a good medical college. I am mainly targeting DPMT as i stay in Delhi. Pl. state whether it would be helpful to study in Kota for a year ( actually the programme lasts...


My friend your question is in the wrong section of Yahoo! Answers. The special education section isn...

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How did others prepare to take the Praxis: Principles of Learning and Teaching test?

I wasn't an education major in undergrad and I didn't take any psychology classes either. What's the best way to prepare for this test? What have other people done to prep for it?


The Praxis tests are horrifyingly easy. Just pick up any textbook on teaching and skim through it. Most...

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Do IQ test take learning disabilities into account when scoring?

Just curious because It's obviously harder for a person with learning disabilities to perform cognitive processes.


No, they don't. The scoring of IQ tests is based on a huge sample of individuals, and scores are standardised...

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I'm an adult: do i need to take a learning disability test?

i have problems with -my concentration when reading, listening, -attention span on studying for learning or tests, -short/longterm memory (what i did last week, the movie i ...show more


If nothing else take it for your own piece of mind, if you have problems with concentrating on something...

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