Where can a 15-year-old work in Michigan?

Let’s learn where can a 15-year-old work in Michigan. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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I know mcdonalds will hire 14 year olds. Kroger will hire a 15 year old. good luck!

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Hours I can work in Michigan during school at 16.

I am 16 years old and I live in Michigan. I get excellent grades. I just started a fast food job and I want to continue working during the school year. I know legally I can work 48 hours in a combined school and work week. I go to school from 7:19am...


I'd say check with your county they more than likely have legal ages and hours per week that teens are...

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What is work loss benefit (PIP) for homemaker under Michigan no-fault insurance law?

Michigan is a no fault insurance state. They force you to have medical and work loss coverage in the event of an accident taking away your health or an ability to work. You can coordinate with existing medical or work loss (disability) insurance to save...


MI PIP is funky and different than any other state out there. I suggest you contact your agent and pose...

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I live and work in Florida. The company i work for is in Michigan. Do i pay state income tax for MI?

Basically, I'm a full time web developer --that works from home-- in Florida for a small company in Michigan... and they deduct MI state tax from my pay. I need to know the following before i approach them about this: 1. Are they suppose to be applying...


You neither live nor work in MI so you do not owe any MI state income tax. You should have brought this...

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I work in Indiana and live in Michigan?

I work in Indian and live in Michigan. I owe Michigan taxes and get refund from Indiana. Will Michigan get their money from Indiana refund? Do I mail them at the same time or wait for refund and pay the other state. Thanks for your help.


You can file both. You will not have to pay Michigan until the tax filing deadline which is April 1...

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If you earned it in Michigan, you pay taxes in Michigan.... and in your other state. But, don't worry...

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I live in wisconsin and work in upper michigan my employer is withholding Michigan state taxes?

I asked them to withhold Wisconsin and not Michigan but refused. Is that even legal? i dont want to have to file 2 state taxes at the end of the year.


You have to pay income tax in the state you physically work in. You will have to file a non-resident...

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Glass block work or Cultured Stone in Michigan?

Im looking to get some glass block work and some cultured stone work done. I live in Troy, Michigan and was wondering if anyone can refer a company that can do some work for me. Thanks in advance!


My friend referred SO Construction to me and they did a good job. I had some glass block work done....

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Social Work Jobs in Michigan?

i just graduated with a bachelors degree in social studies and starting my Masters in social work degree this August. I overheard someone saying that the State of Michigan is desperately in need of social workers, thus they will hire people with any...


What is key is that in the state of Michigan, one cannot call themselves a social worker or engage in...

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Can I work at a public school in Michigan after completing the Diversionary program for domestic violence?

I'm in Michigan and over a year ago an individual and I were both arrested in a domestic dispute. I was beaten over the head with a dumbbell while I was sleeping by my partner who was refusing to take their medication. When I woke up I did what I had...


Schools are required to do a criminal background check on any potential employees. Fill out the application...

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