Where can i get bigger student loan?

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Where can I get a student loan?

I applied for a student loan at my bank but got denied because I owe money to a school already. I have to pay to a collections agency. I called and asked them what I could do to get my loan in good standing so I could take out a loan but the person on the phone told me I had to pay the entire debt first before I can take out a loan form anywhere. I was wondering if that is true? If not, then where would be the best place to get a student loan other than my school or bank?


If you are dealing with collection agency, most likely you already have a pretty bad credit score. You...

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Im a student w/ bad credit, but noone will co-sign a loan, where can I get a student loan with bad credit?

I am a student with bad credit, well not enough good credit anyways, and I've already been denied a few loans without co-borrowers. I'm not sure where else to turn to finish the payments on my college. There is a hold on my student account because I...


Hello there, The last responder is correct, you do not need a co-signer for stafford or direct loans...

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I'm attending shcool I have bad credit and so does my family I need a student loan where can I get one?

I am attending South University. Right now my GPA is a 97.8. I am alreading using all of my financial aid which isn't enough to pay my whole tuition. I need a private student loan and I've tried everywhere but I can't get approved. I've tried using others...


Sometimes the best thing you can do is to never give up. Clearly you work hard at college and it&rsquo...

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Where can I get a student loan if I have bad credit? My score is 550!!! HELP. What do I do?

My Credit Score is 550! Where can I get a student loan for about $5,000? I have bad credit.? I'm aware that there are places or many that do so, but I was just rejected by a company called Sun Trust. I was told by a representative that they were more...


I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the answer is that you can't borrow money from a legitimate...

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Help!!! Where can I get a student loan that does not need to be confirmed by my university?

I am a junior in college and I didn't do so well when I went away for the first time this past semester. I am on academic probation and my loan through SallieMae will not work until I appeal my probation and get approved for this fall. I have no real...


Appeal your probation...that's your best bet. However, if it's denied, check out http://www.finaid.org...

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Where can I get a Student Loan?

So my idiot dad waits until the last minute to try and get me a loan. Tuition payment was due on the 4th, so now we have to pay a late fee and I have to have it in by the 17th, or else they cancel my schedule. I'm going to county college, so it's not...


If I were you, I would try a local credit union. It may be your best bet, considering your situation...

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How can i get a student loan and where? experience?

I'm 17 years old and live in illinois but im going to college this fall in florida. I already received a scholarship for 7,500 from the university for each year. I also applied for fafsa which said i'm applicable for a grant worth around 5,000. The school...


Hello Every One, I am Noelle Mason by name, I live in Queenland Aloomba Australia, just a few weeks...

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Where can I get a student loan relief I cannot afford to pay my student loan?

My student loan is $72000.00 I want my student loan to be forgiven


Everyone who goes to school needs to learn from your situation because millions of people are in it...

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Where can I get a student loan without a co-signer when I'm 18?

I need to get a $5000 private student loan. But I can't have my parents as a cosigner because they have a bad credit score from the past. Where can I get a reliable student loan where I don't need a cosigner?


fafsa will only give you up to a certain amount though, probably not 5000

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I'm a college student! Anyone know where I can get a loan without credit and no cosigner?

Ok so I still owe 5000 to my school and they will not let me go back until I obtain that nor will they permit me to have my transcript. I have basically no credit and I have absolutely no one in my family who can co sign because everyone has horrible...


I don't know if ou know this, but you're hurting whatever credit you do have by applying for all those...

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