Where can i purchase a calling card to use over in Italy?

Let’s learn where can i purchase a calling card to use over in Italy. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by ChaCha.

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Most drugstores such as Walgreen's, CVS, and Eckerd's carry international calling cards for land line...

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try this card. also in the phone card name search box type ICI and you will get other international...

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What is a SIM card exactly? How to use a cellphone?

I am a bit confused on what a SIM card is, and how to use it. I will be travelling to India, and I would like to use my cellphone there. Is a SIM card just used for getting a signal? Or is it like a calling card with minutes??? Where can I buy a SIM...


If your phone is GSM it has the account identified by the SIM card. In the U.S. major GSM carriers are...

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Calling card for rare use to call UK and maybe Kazakhstan from US

I'm thinking my best option for staying in phone contact with my one or two overseas friends (mainly UK) might be a calling card. Can anyone recommend a specific card? Please don't suggest Skype. Won't work for this case. I'd be calling from the US ...


If you want something cheap then you probably would want VOIP like www.voip.ms, yet this might be tricky...

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$2 Calling Card to call Costa Rica from Corona, California?

I was wondering if anyone knows of a $ 2 calling card one can purchase in a grocery store or liquor store to call Costa Rica. I live in Corona, California and was looking for a $ 2 calling card that gives you a lot of minutes, has a good connection and...


why a calling card??......use SKYPE......free to download.....i have had it a long time....2cents a...

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How does a calling card work?

So i'm going on a cruise outside of the US and when the boat is docked I want to be able to use my phone, roaming charges are outrageous and I heard something about calling cards? If I purchase a calling card does that still apply the crazy roaming fee...


Yes it does unless you use a phone on the cruise you can call the toll free number then it will tell...

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Are these the right steps to use a 50 dollar visa prepaid card?

first i go to walmart i get the card i buy it the cashier activates it i go home activate for online use by going on the website or calling them makey purchase with the code provided on the card are these steps right


if you are a minor it is illegal for you to use a prepaid card only gift cards are legal for you other...

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How to use airtel calling card to call india?

i uses calling card to call india. and normally, i uses BOLT and superstars. but when the last time i went to buy it from local convenient store, both calling cards were sold out and none were left so i was in emergency needed to buy new calling card...


AirTel calling cards are prepaid callings cards for calling overseas. You can even call 1 800 phone...

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Can I use 2 straight talk cell phones at the same time with the same pre paid calling card?

Or do I have to keep porting my number back and forth when I want to alternate cell phones? I want to buy the Samsung Galaxy Precedent android phone that requires a more expensive monthly calling card. I still want to be able to keep and use my usual...


Bad idea. Its like having two cars and one license plate. Keep in mind the Android is with Sprint not...

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I can't use my calling card on skype. I have a dial91 calling card and I am unable to use it on skype.?

I use calling card to call someone and I use Skype. When it says enter your authorization number and I enter it. It says it is invalid. When I enter that via some other phone or even ...show more


It works fine without any issue with cheap call rate, just to avoid invalid authorization code (pin...

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