Where is the best place to stay in Athens?

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Where is the best place/hotel to stay in Athens, Greece?

I'm looking for an inexpensive hotel ($50-$150 a night) in Athens that is near the hot spots such as the museums and typical tourists places. Any ideas? -Thank you.


In my opinion Hotel Plaka and Athens Gate are two clean and reasonable hotels located in the best spot...

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How to get the best deal for a place to stay in Athens this summer?

I'm going to Athens this summer. I would like to stay in as nice a place as possible for as cheap as possible. Anybody know any good deals?


ok, well...let's see.....for less than a hundred euros you can stay at a centrally located hotel, that...

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Where is a good place to stay in Istanbul or Athens?

We'd like to have a good balance between nightlife and historic sightseeing.


While in Athens, stay around the Plaka area. This is near the ruins of the Acropolis. All of the trendy...

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In this site there is a list of hotels and guest houses, which i hope is useful! http://www.a1tourism...

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Where is the center of Athens, Greece?

For spring break I'm going to Athens, Greece. I was wondering where the best place to stay would be so I don't have to spend money on transportation once I'm there. Can anyone let me know where this would be?


The center of Athens can be considered Omonoia,Syntagma,Plaka,Kolonaki,Monastir… Just avoid Omonoia...

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Best place in greece?

i'm applying for a summer program in greece for 6 weeks... where should i stay? i'm contemplating between a city or somewhere rural... i'm leaning more towards the city because i like running water, but i'm not really sure since i've never been there...


I would suggest Thessaloniki. If you are into Greek culture and don't want to stay in Athens, this is...

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Is athens ga a good place to live?

transferring to a school in athens and i heard it was a safe place to live. i want to stay in a semi quiet not really crowded place, any nice apartments? ive been looking some up online but none of the reviews are good. any suggestions.. (previous or...


My daughter goes to UGA and loves it up there. She and her friends plan to start apartment-hunting in...

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Is it safe to go to Athens now?

Hi everyone! I'm thinking to go to Athens at the end of November for a week. BUT is it safe to go there now? Are there any riots now there and is it really safe to stay there for foreign travellers? And if I go there what is the best/safest place in...


I sent my only daughter alone to Greece in August and she felt perfectly safe I was there in Sept/October...

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Cheapest place to say in Athens and Mykonos?

I am staying in Mykonos and Athens near the middle to end to July and Im looking for the least expensive place to stay. I heard domatias (like rooms to let) are cheap but theres no way to know in advance is there? Any places in either location would...


how outgoing are you? how long are stayng? how many people are you going with? try this site im thinking...

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Whats Greece like outside of Big Cities like Athens?

Hey, I wanna take a year-exchange trip to Greece and I found tons of information on what its like in Athens,Greek but what about smaller towns? If you live or have lived in Greece then would you recommend it as a place to stay?


I lived in greece since I was 20 then moved to the America. Greece is awesome I would definetly reccomend...

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