Which is better, Blackberry Curve or Sidekick 2008?

Let’s learn which is better, Blackberry Curve or Sidekick 2008. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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Sidekick 2008 or samsung eternity or blackberry curve 8320?

I'm a guy, 14 going on 15.p i'm getting a new phone for my bday and i really cant decide which one to get. what do you think?


Well, if you were a gitl, (which I thought you were before I read it) I would say Blackberry Curve because...

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Blackberry Curve vs Sidekick LX vs Sidekick 2008 vs Blackberry Pearl ?

Okay . First of all , im 13 about to make 14 , in the 9th Grade [High School] , & im a female . I like to surf the web [all day] &nd text[all day] . haha . i am looking for a phone [ that tmobile carries ] that i can text in class easily with...


i have a blackberry curve & i recommend it. yeah it's a business phone, but you look badass with...

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Blackberry curve or sidekick 2008 ?

i will have this cellphone for like the first 3 months of high school so like which one would look better in high school a blackberry curve or sidekick 2008... also which one is ...show more


Sidekick 2008 in my opinion. I have one in my pocket right now. It is super easy to type on and aiming...

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Nokia e63 or Nokia e71 or BlackBerry Curve or Sidekick 2008?

I am looking to get a new cell phone. I want either the Nokia e63, Nokia e71, BlackBerry Curve, or Sidekick 2008. I like the BlackBerry and the Nokias because they have wi-fi and i ...show more


I think you should get the Nokia e63 like you said it has wi-fi and you wouldn't need to buy internet...

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Should I get the 2008 sidekick and get rid of blackberry 8320 curve?

I loveeee my blackberry but the bill is 90 a month...the sidekick would drop it to 50 which is nice...am I going to miss any features it looks like the new sidekick has all the same ...show more


Which plan are you using for the BlackBerry? T-Mobile has a plan called BlackBerry Minutes and Mail...

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The sidekick 2008 by far. I have it and its amazing.

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Not if its scratched up

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Blackberry bold vs sidekick 2008 vs sidekick lx?

hi im 15 going 16 on august 16th and im a guy. i currently have a sidekick 3 that was dropped in the toilet and is completely broken but still kinda works. the 3 phones im looking at are the blackberry bold the sidekick 2008 or the sidekick lx. i like...


Out of those 3 phones I would say the sidekick 2008 but if your only 15 then don't get a blackberry...

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Does anyone know how to get a sidekick theme on a blackberry?

I have a blackberry curve 8330 for sprint and I would like to know if there is a sidekick lx/2008 theme for blackberry. **Please provide the site and how to download. THANKS SO MUCH:D


enter on your BB to www.bplay.com and u serch for sidekick on themes

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What features are lost through an unlocked Blackberry and Sidekick?

Okay...so my brother and I are looking to purchase new cell phones - he, a Blackberry Curve 8320, and me, a Sidekick 2008. After tons of research, we've discovered that unlocked phones lose features when they become unlocked. First of all, can someone...


If you are on Tmobile, get Tmobile phones. An unlocked AT&T phone will only work over Edge data...

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