Which is better: a touchscreen qwerty keyboard or a physical qwerty keyboard?

Let’s learn which is better: a touchscreen qwerty keyboard or a physical qwerty keyboard. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by ChaCha.

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The Storm only has four physical keys. The keyboard and everything else are touchscreen only.

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Qwerty keyboard, normal keyboard or full touchscreen? which do you like? convince me?

i know that touchscreen is good but if it's not that smart to touch an alphibet...then it sucks..and normal key is also not good enough...if you want C,you have to click 1 button ...show more


I prefer regular qwerty keyboards. I've used all three (currently using a standard keyboard) and in...

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What is a good touchscreen/qwerty keyboard cell phone in Canada?

I am looking for a new cell phone and stumbled upon the voyager and it opened my eyes to a new style of phone (touch+qwerty) the voyager looks good but is there a better one that is available in canada (or willl be available soon) It doesn't necsessarely...


The Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

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Any GOOD touchscreen w/ qwerty keyboard phones out there for a decent price?

Please help me!! I am trying to figure which phone I am going to buy, and am looking only at touchscreen, with a SEPERATE qwerty keyboard on the. not just a touchscreen interface. ...show more


Okay, I love the Verizon Wireless Samsung Glyde, with a touchscreen and a QWERTY keyboard that you slide...

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Phones avalible to buy in store in Australia with touchscreen AND qwerty keyboard?

Something good like the LG Voyager? I would really like a touchscreen and full slide out qwerty keyboard, not just a half sized one like the LG KF700. THANKS


buy iphone its best kthxbai

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Good smartphone with a qwerty keyboard and touchscreen?

I want to get a new smartphone that's touchscreen but has a slide out qwerty keyboard, any ideas? :)


The Blackberry bold 9900 is a great phone. I just got it and I'm for one impressed. I got an unlimited...

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What is the best phone with a TOUCHSCREEN and slide out QWERTY KEYBOARD?

I'm wanting to get it on a 18 month contract at £30 a month maximum. Must have slide out qwerty keyboard and be touchscreen and BE OUT IN THE UK. Sorry, I just had to make that ...show more


The T-mobile G But be aware the battery life is not so great.

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Does the Lg Rumor Reflex Come With A Touchscreen QWERTY keyboard as well?

I wanted the LG Rumor Reflex but i seemed to notice that it only came with a qwerty keyboard that slid out. Is that the only way i can text? If not then does it come with a swpye system as well


If you close the phone when you reply to a text, an on screen keyboard will pop up, but it's not a ...

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Touchscreen phone qwerty keyboard.. suggestions needed..?

i am looking forward to gift my cousin a good touchscreen cellphone (preferrably the 1 w\ keyboard). plz suggest some models.. my budget is somewhere near 10,000.


Samsung epic ;)

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On a touchscreen phone, do you use the traditional phone keypad or QWERTY keyboard?

I've been using the QWERTY until recently when I found using the phone keypad much easier.


QWERTY, you soon learn the position your finger needs to be for accuracy and it learns the words you...

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