Which is better for a camcorder: Canon or Sony?

Let’s learn which is better for a camcorder: Canon or Sony. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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Which camcorder is the best - from sony, samsung, canon and any other?

i have no idea please tell me which one is better?


Hi, I would recommend Sony, for just one reason that Sony Handycams have best features available and...

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Which pro-camcorder is better: canon or sony? Professionals' opinions really important!!!?

I need a camera to film weddings and short movies. I choose CANON XH-A1s, but unfortunately I cannot buy it. The options are: SONY HDR-AX2000 (the one that I'm feeling ok about) and others I'm like don't really like: SONY HDR-FX1000, SONY HVR-A1U. What...


JVC gives the best value at the broadcast/professional level equipment. Panasonic runs a close second...

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Which camcorder is better Sony HDR-SR11 or Canon VIXIA HFS10?

currently i own Sony HDR-SR11 but i would like to upgrade as this camcorder is few years old, i am planning to buy the Canon VIXIA HFS10, but i am not sure if is better than the Sony HDR-SR11 any advise will be appreciated


I have a VIXIA HFS10 and have absolutely loved it every time I use it. Short of pro-level or prosumer...

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Canon g10 camcorder vs Sony HDR-sr12..which is better?

I am comparing these two pro camcorders and need some advice. I really love the canon g10 because it is new (2011) while this Sony HDR-sr12 is older (2008). When comparing these I found them to be almost the same price in nature but I met someone who...


Again, neither of these are pro grade. Lens too small, 1/8" (3.5mm) stereo audio jack, single small...

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Which camcorder is better canon or Sony?

I want to buy a HD camcorder for home use. I found canon HF R20 in a store near me on sale for 282$, online price is around 400$, but it's an older model which is discontinued by ...show more


Canon is better in way. I have seen video reviews on Sony and they have issues.

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Which is better camcorder to buy..sony dcr-sx20 or canon FS 305?

hi..i can afford only 13000 rs..i want a good movie shot able cam..that to mainly in low light..please give me an answer..that too with descent pic taking camcorder..else if you have any other model also you can say me,even the digi cam...suggest me...


sony dcr-sx20

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Which is a better camcorder: Canon HFR 205, or Sony HDR CX190E?

I want to buy a camcorder for 20K rupees, and I found two of these camcorders. I'm confused between the two. Please help.


Sony HDR CX190E is the Best because better and it is the product of trusted company It has More Extra...

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Which camera is better canon gl-2, or SONY HDR-FX1 HDvHigh Definition Camcorder?

Im getting one of those for christmas and I was just wondering which gives a more professional quality image?


I'm getting a GL2 soon, and although the HDR-FX1 probably has better image quality, there's a reason...

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Which camcorder between the Canon ZR900 and Sony DCR-HC62 is better?

im in between these two camcorders and i dont know which to get...


The Canon ZR900 has a better review on cnet.com (although only one has rated it). I have Canon cameras...

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Which camcorder is better-Canon FS11 vs Sony DCR-SR45?

After checking my budget and different cameras, it has come down to these two. Which one would you choose and why?


For you, we would recommend the Canon. http://motionpicturecentral.com/book/cam... With the Canon FS...

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