Who can tell me about the Saab 9-3?

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Did you ever find out what the problem was, I have the same code on my 9-3 2005 tid.

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Up to 2005 the Aero or Vector, 03-04, has more power, larger tires more std equip. 6 spd. man. g/box...

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The engine used by saab on the 9-3 4 cylinder models is shared by GM vehicles of its size/class. The...

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Where can I find professional services for saab in Eugene, Oregon?

I bought a saab.This vehicle type is 1999 93 SE. Where can I find professional services(Maintenance and Repairs ) for saab in Eugene, Oregon? I already knew EuroAsian Automotive in Franklin. Please tell me your experience saab only. Perfer technician...


Euro Asian Automotive, 1917 Franklin Blvd, Eugene, OR 97403, 541-485-8226 or think of going out of the...

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Hi peole i have a saab 93 2 litre turbo , it is clunking n cutting out round croners any 1 know y?

its a saab 93 2 litre turbo and t reg , it has strated clunking and cutting out going round corners , i was hopeing some one could tell me y ??


need more info to help, sorry hun

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To those who think saab sucks please tell me your stories and tell me why your saab sucks?

My saab has driven me towards insanity. if my car had feelings and emotions than i would punch the **** out of it and kick it to death. my story about my saab starts off lkke this. it ...show more


So, years after you bought the car you started having a few issues with breakdowns and bad oil/coolant...

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Saab 2001 93 Engine/turbo problem.?

I had my 2001 saab 9-3 2.0 engine(automatic) replaced by a local mechanic who had another saab 93 engine. After he replaced the old engine the car starts but has this vibrating movement in the engine. It feels like it's shutting down but then picks itself...


The exchanged engine had to be calibrated to your ECU, has that been done? you have to use Tech2 for...

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Would you rather buy 2007 camry or 2005 saab 93?

im looking for a used car. however my mom's friend is selling 2007 camry for 12k and i found used saab 93 at www.autowebexpo.com . I have test drive both camry and saab. I ...show more


Depends on if you want to be a soccer mom or Brad Pitt. +Camry: fewer miles, shorter time for the car...

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What is the big orange “i” on 2003 Saab 93 linear dashboard?

what is the big orange “i” on Saab 93 dashboard... do any own a Saab would you recommend it for a 20 years old Millage =138000 $6990


Hi, These Saab's can be problematic, it all comes down to GM ownership, they ruined what was potentially...

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I have a saab 93 where would i get a set of wheel adaptors to convert from 5/110 to 5/112?

got a set of nice 19 inch AMG wheels from a merc and want to fit them to my saab 93 2002 the fitments are saab 5/110 i need a wheel adaptor to change it to 5/112 where might i get ...show more


You cannot get adaptors to do that. The only way is to change the hubs along with the brakes etc - major...

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