Why can I not play the sims deluxe on my computer?

Let’s learn why can I not play the sims deluxe on my computer. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by ChaCha.

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You probably have a overheating issue going on with the laptop, thus causing the overheat protection...

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Is there a way to install and play the sims 2 deluxe for a computer without a cd/dvd drive?

okay so 5 years ago i bought the Sims 2 Deluxe for my PC. well my parents divorced and i moved with my mom...in the move i lost my installation disk for it, but my computer doesn't have a cd or dvd slot...so there is no way to insert a disk...but i still...


You can torrent download the game. If you know how to do it, you're good. But if you don't, you might...

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Why does my computer turn off when I play Sims 3 Late night?

I have a Acer Aspire Z5700 And I really enjoy playing the sims and when I want to play it my computer ALWAYS switches off in the first 10 mins. Its really bugging my because,I want to play sims and now that my computer is turning off like 99.9% of the...


Playing games is hard for a computer. All the components have to work their asses of to make the game...

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well you need to put the CD in that you most recently got and they will both work togetherYeah; if you...

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My sims 2 seasons game still wont work my dad has dpne everything and I can't play it on my parents computer?

So what do I do I really want to play it and I don't know if the no patch for sims 2 seasons trick will work.Sims 2 wored fine on my computer before I got sims 2 seasons.


For Seasons you need a little better computer. Check here to see http://thesims2.ea.com/help/detail...

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If my friend is playing sims on one computer, can i play with him on my computer?

Will we be able to play in the same neighborhood and interact with eachother's sims using the online log in available now with sims 3?


No you can not. Unfortunately, you can still not visit other Sims or interact with them.

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If you can play spore on your computer, can you play the sims 3?

i have a really good net-book ( asus eee pc seashell ) and i have the game spore on it. it does not run smoothly but it´s not laggy and the graphics are fine. but can i play the sims 3 on it then? i mean the system req. are the same.


you should be fine. You didn't give any computer specs besides saying it was good. But if you can run...

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Can I play the sims 3 if my computer does not possess the necessary requirements?

processor - i have Intel(R)82865G Graphic controller video card- intel (R) celeron (r) CPU 2.80GHz 2.79 GHz, 240 MB of Ram Microsoft windows xp home edition version 2002 is there anything i can do instead of buying a new computer? im only 16 and cannot...


it might lag if your sims 2 game has the same requirements then dont worry P.S im getting that game...

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Why won't my computer let me play Sims 3?

I have a Dell Inspiron Mini and I just downloaded the base game Sims 3 and its Late Night expansion with ease. When I press play, it says that it can't play it. Why is that? Yes, I have the disk in. This is the exact message that pops up: Unable to start...


the memory might be to small to run it try checking the memory on the computer

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