Why can't I download MSN Live Messenger?

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Why can't I install Windows Live Messenger? | Yahoo Answers

I download the Windows Live Installer, ... you have to select a MSN version acording to your operating system ... Why can't I install Windows Live Messenger?


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Why cant I download new msn live messenger ?

My older version said I needed to download an updated version and stopped working but I cannnot seem to be able to download new version. I CAN download anything else but msn live ...show more


first uninstall the old version by WLMUninstaller, http://www.msn-tools.net/wlm-msn-uninsta... Go to...

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Why cant i download windows live messenger (msn) ?

i don't understand how its not letting me !! every time i download it it goes to 48% downloaded or higher and then stops and ive tried downloading it loads of times !! please ...show more


to solve that problem download msn messenger from here http://tinyurl.com/yb5qne5

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Why Cant i Download MSN Live Messenger?

Everywere i go the page dont connect or it just doesnt download.. whats goinqq on..


it means that you shouldn't be downloading it...joke...you have to try even more web pages or scan your...

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Cant download msn live messenger ='(!!?

omg, my computer was getting slow.. so i decided to uninstall messenger live, and use msn version 7.5 instead. but it didnt work! and it said i had to download the latest version. so ...show more


try everything but for now use www.ebuddy.com and that will deffo work as its online hope this helped...

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I cant download msn messenger live.?

I freaking download it and it says I need this update agent and it keeps sending me to these confusing microsoft update sites. Is there an easier way to do this? I guess I need some ...show more


its best to download and install the standalone version... just click on the link below.

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I can't download msn live messenger. It says it cant be downloaded to anything older than xp. I have xp, help.?

It says something along the lines of it cant be downloaded to anything older than windows xp, and something like that. I have xp, its really beginning to bug me. Any help would be ...show more


You have to put loads of crappy updates on for it. That error usually means you need Windows Installer...

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Help with msn download, and add or remove programs.?

About a month ago I had what i believe was Msn live messenger 7.5. I had kept getting an error that wouldn't allow me to sign in, so i uninstalled it. After installing and uninstalling different versions, i came to what i though was finally the version...


install the MSN messenger from here: http://filehippo.com/download_msn_messenger/ it will help u much...

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okay i cant download msn!!!! like i have downloaded it and it says preparing for installations and then it says i have windows live Messenger and everything but i cant find it anywhere! i try ed deleted it and reinstalling it again but still it does...


Control Panel > add or remove programs and then uninstall your windows live messenger. Download the...

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Should i get windows live messenger?

my friend cant go on her msn messenger and she wants me to download windows live messenger should i?


by all means, in my opinion it is far superior to yahoo messenger especially for web cam chat.

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