Why can't I download Yahoo IM?

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Is there another IM i can download besides Yahoo. I cant keep Yahoo IM signed in!?

I can't keep my Yahoo IM signed in; is there another IM i can download?


try www.chat room and choose one u prefer. but we will find yahoo is still the best and popular I think...

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Help... cant see writing.. and download works for yahoo messenger.. but not myspace im..?

i am trying to download myspace im . it was already on my computer and when trying to get to it .. it says problems with writing. . i tried to go to the control panel and delete the installed program and restall but it says it is either deleted or changed...


search your pc for myspace im, programmes leave files behind even after deletion.right click on any...

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I still cant install/download yahoo IM of any version?

thanks for responding to my former question about not being able to download yahoo IM...i did everything that was suggested and it came back with an error message "not a valid win 32 application" when i right clicked on run because I have Vista...


It maybe because they don't have that name anymore or because you have entered it wrong.

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I am trying to log into yahoo IM and after i download to desktop i click on icon comes on & off cant log into?

i deleted it and tried to download several times but still not workin i just got this Compaq today with Wiindows XP already have a IM and mail acct with yahoo but it just wont work on this computer.. My mail will work but not IM


Make sure that after you downloaded yahoo messenger that you installed it. You will also need adobe...

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I had to download old version of YAhoo IM ,and now I cant go in to chat room ..?

Does anyone know why I cant and if I can still with the old IM , is there something I can do ?


Chatrooms are getting really bad because people abuse them by running codes to disrupt others. The older...

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i have windows vista and i downloaded yahoo messenger on mine. try to get the latest updated version

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Click on this link to contact Yahoo Customer Care through a Help form: http://help.yahoo.com/l/us/yahoo...

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yahoo im? You mean Yahoo Messenger? Are you on line? Are you going to the Yahoo Messenger site? Can...

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Im trying to download yahoo messanger but i cant because of firewall?

do i have to disable firewall?? how do i do that?


Go in and turn off your firewall.then reinstall it, sometimes it takes two times to get it right

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Why I cant download and when I typed a text there is no letter appeared in my IM?

I cant downlaod or press the download...My yahoo and IM is not functioning well. I cant even see the text appeared in my IM when I chat.


Is ur keyboard plugged up to your comp? You might wanna reinstall the IM software I probably think!...

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