Why can't I download email attachment?

Let’s learn why can't I download email attachment. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by windows.microsoft.com.

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What do I do if I can't download my attachments in Windows ...

Learn what you can do if you can't download your attachments using Windows Live Mail.


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Cant get my attachment to download from my email?

I have a windows 7 laptop. I have internet explorer 9 or the newest one..not sure which. I use yahoo email and im trying to open an email i mailed myself with an attachment of a power point. My computer has 2010. At my college I thought they had the...


How to Fix Yahoo Email When It Won't Open Attachments .1. Sign out of Yahoo and clear your cache. Since...

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Email attachments have to be saved to my computer why can't I open it from the email attachment?

I have to download the attachment to my computer then search to find it, why cant I open it right from the email like before


Same issue here. I did make Save to Desktop as default so it's easier to find them. But it is a real...

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Yahoomail :there is an attachment, but its nowhere to be found? Not in email, clicking paperclip does nothing?

Ive got an email, and there is a paperclip on the right hand side, meaning there is an attachment, but when I open the email, there is nowhere to click to download/view the attachment. I also tried clicking on the paperclip symbolizing "attachment...


If you've "upgraded" Yahoo Mail switch back to Classic for the time being. Most of the problems...

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I dont understand how to download a psd image from an email iv been sent. Help please?

My friend sent me a psd image as an email attachment and I cant download it unless I download adobe photoshop or something but my laptop wont let me download it fully. Is there a website i can use just to open the image up on? Im really rubbish with...


Tell your friend to send it to you as a jpg file. (You can save the psd file to your hard drive, but...

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I cant open a picture as an attachment what should i do?

an attachment that is sent to me as a picture in an email , when i try to download it like it asked me to my computer cant download it


select the destination folder as "my pictures". i think you dont have access to other folders...

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Can you get a virus from an email attachment just by viewing the email and not clicking "download attachment"?

There was an email with an attachment on it and I opened the email and read it but I didn't click the thing that said "download attachment" could I still get a virus from the email? Because right after that I got a message from my virus protection...


If you don't know who it is - don't open. Any email message can have a potential virus. Never trust...

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Is there a way i can send a picture as attachment whch opens in the email body message n nt havin to download?

i need to know if there is a way i can send a picture as an attachment, but when the other person opens the email, he can see the picture in the main message body. now when i send a picture, as an attachment, the other person has to click on "save...


No there isnt. But the person doesnt have to save the picture to their computer. They have to click...

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Yahoo mail problem, i cant download the attachment?

Help.....what happen to my mail box, i cant download the attachment. But if i forward the mail with attachment to my other accout, i can download the attachment, who can tell me how to solve this problem, please.......


Yes I am having the same problem. I just forwarded my yahoo email to another email server, (in this...

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Why won't an email attachment download?

I am trying to download en email attachment. I am supposed to write a letter of recomendation for a friend. She emailed me a copy of her resume, so the file is not large. When I go to download it, it shows the paper flying, but does not display the estimated...


This can happen for multiple reasons...example if she saved in newest form of MsWord and you have older...

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