Why can't I get Yahoo mail in my email options list?

Let’s learn why can't I get Yahoo mail in my email options list. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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Why can't I get Yahoo mail in my eMail options list?

I want Youhoo Mail to be my default mail and I have installed everything listed on the net - Yahoo IM, IE8 etc. but when I Goto TOOLS-OPTIONS-PROGRAMS-EMAIL I only get Outlook, Outlook Express And MS Hotmail....No Yahoo Mail. How do I get it onto the list and make it my default Mail.


IM and IE8 aren't necessary. Try this: Click this link, (below) from Yahoo, for detailed instructions...

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How can I make Yahoo Mail my default email program. Internet Options "Email Programs" doesn't list Yahoo Mail

IE 7, Tools, Internet Options, Programs tab, "email" only lists the stand alone email programs like Outlook, Windows Live Mail, and Outlook Express. Can Yahoo mail be used ...show more


Unfortunately, you cannot do it directly. Yahoo does not have that facility. However, there is a small...

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Cant log into my yahoo email, tells me to go to mail.yahoo.com to retrieve mail, cant get to that either.ne1?

other yahoo email accounts work fine, most of the other features in yahoo work fine, but cant get to the email, just this account. cant contact yahoo help, wont let me go there either. any advice?


Doing Maintenance

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Yahoo Email Help! Cant get the new mail!?

I have 2 yahoo emails. the one i am using right now is one that i made almost 2 days ago for a fantasy football league, but my other mail that i have had for many years says that the new yahoo mail is unavailable but my new mail gives me the new one...


The previous New Mail has been upgraded to the latest new Yahoo mail, so we only have 2 now. The classic...

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How can I get Yahoo mail to be my default email under the programs position in the internet options drop down'

How can I set yahoo mail as my default email under the programs tab on 'internet options' if it is not included in the list of email options listed under "emails"?


It's possible to set it that way.... However, you cannot do it in the regular browser like internet...

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I had a second non yahoo email address that I shared e mail with in yahoo that I have since deleted but cant get rid of it!.?

Yahoo tags this email to om reply messages so any responses that I get back go to the deleted non yahoo email account not the Yahoo account. How do I get rid of it!!


To learn how to change the "Reply-to" email address for your Yahoo Mail account, check out...

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I cant open my email, its says Yahoo mail cant load, every time i try and get on it.?

it gives you options like clear your cache, which i have done and it will allow me to get in, but once i lg out and try to log back in, it does the same thing, says yahoo mail cant load.


I had the same problem earlier. I ran a scan and deleted all browser history. 1 virus detected which...

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How do I get "Yahoo!Mail" to show up as an available email program in IE's Internet Options Programs tab?

It shows up on my 2 year old desktop (where I first started using Yahoo!Mail) but I cant get it to show up on my new laptop. Is there something to download?


This is what you need to do. This will solve your problem. Just follow the directions below. Teach your...

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How do I get Yahoo Mail to stop adding all email recipients to my contacts list?

I accidentally pressed the button to add all email rec. to my contacts, now how do I get it to stop?!?!? I have looked everywhere in Yahoo Mail!


James, when you get an answer, would you let me know. klgardner45@yahoo.com Thanks!!

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I suspect you're probably wanting to make Yahoo the "default" mail client. Yahoo won't normally...

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