Why can't I receive my Yahoo mail?

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Why can't i send & receive my yahoo mail?

Can anyone tell me why my outgoing messeges are not making there destinationm and i am not receiving my mail either. It is my yahoo account. Any help will be appreciated


Yahoo has been doing maintenance on their sites, they had a message up saying they hope it won't take...

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Why cant I view my yahoo mail when I receive the pop up telling me that I have just received mail?

When I get the message at the bottom where my icons are telling me that I have received a new mail message I cant get them. I go to my inbox and there is no mail there. I just get certain ones. Not all of them.


If you have other folders in your mailbox other than the Inbox or Bulk mail.. sometimes i also forget...

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Yahoo mail plus - why I cant receive or send mails through outlook ?

Cant send or receive mails from POP3 server (Yahoo MailPlus account) through outlook from 13-Dec-2013. Errors are like this Log onto incoming mail server (POP3): Outlook cannot ...show more


May be their is a possibility that the settings of pop3 server has changed. So to resolve this issue...

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Why cant i receive or send emails with yahoo mail?

emailed from two other outside email accounts and did not receive either email. I then emailed from my account and the others did not receive my email. Whats the problem?


There is no problem. Yahoo is just destined to give or not give service when they can.

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I cant receive messages from my yahoo mail.why?

MAILER-DAEMON@n1.bullet.re4.yahoo.com always reminds me that they were unable to deliver any message to my address.he also said that i dont have a yahoo.com account..pls help...tanx


Probably Suspension for something or part of your server down for updates.

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Why cant I receive e-mails from another yahoo e-mail account?

Since last week I have been having problems receiving important e-mails from a yahoo sender Any suggestions why and what to do to fix it?


I have been having trouble receiving my e mails also,I even sent an email from another yahoo e mail...

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Why i cant receive mail on my yahoo account?

my friends told me they sent an email on my account but I havent receive any.


First, check with the sender to make sure that they actually sent the message and aren't having problems...

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Why cant i send yahoo mail through outlook but only receive?

Over the last 2 days i have been unable to send emails through outlook through my yahoo account. i have tried all combinations of Secure or not secure server, ports (587, 25, 465) but dont seem to get a solution...any ideas greatly appreciated. Thanks...


Hi Nikos, I think I'm having the same problem (I have posted a note in this forum too). I got mine working...

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I cant send e mails on Yahoo mail but I can receive them...?

Whats wrong? Can I fix this somehow? I can receive them and whenever I answer to any email I receive this Failure notice. <answers-alert@cc.yahoo-inc.com>: Remote host said: 553 5.3.0 <answers-alert@cc.yahoo-inc.com>... User unknown [RCPT...


"We're experiencing some technical difficulties... We’re sorry, but Yahoo! Mail can't load...

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Yahoo mail cant send e mails, can receive o.k, are there any issues with yahoo mail today?

I can receive e mail but cant send via outlook, ive re-created profile, test settings come back ok, if i log in via web e mail i can send and receive, it driving me mad any ideas?,


yes they have some issues with co.uk smtp it works if u change ur outgoing server in the outlook/thunderbird...

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