Why can't I send a picture message on my blackberry?

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My blackberry phone doesn't allow me to send out picture message, wtf?

when i try to attach a picture it allows me to go to my photos and when i click a photo that i want to send out it only opens the photo to let me view it, but it WONT allow me to attach it to my text. what gives? how can i fix this problem?


It's probably because you don't have an internet data plan. If you have internet on your phone, take...

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How do you send a picture from blackberry 8100?

i have the black blackberry 8100 and i do not know how to send a picture that i have taken on my camera to another person. i know that i can send it through bluetooth but i was wondering if there is any other way i can send it like through a message...


Only other way is with MMS. Press your menu key on a contact from your address book or locate picture...

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How can i view picture messages on my blackberry curve on KOODO?

i just got the blackberry curve for koodo mobile and in my plan it says i can send and recieve picture messages for free i had someone send me a picture message to try it out, but it only showed a link to go to www.telusmobility.com/snap i cant view...


After spending 20 minutes on hold, I was told that SNAP is in no way affiliated with KOODO, even though...

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Blackberry curve cant send picture messages?

My blackberry cannot send pictures anymore. It will just come up as a red x when I try and send them. Does anyone know why this happens?


If you don't have the Blackberry Data Plan, then you can't send picture messages. I went to AT&T...

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Blackberry curve 8520 has no options to send picture message please help?

how do i send mms messages? thankyou 10 points for answer


You can try e-mailing yourself the picture or you can email the picture to a cell phone number. Try...

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How do I send a MMS message with my BlackBerry Style 9670?

I recently (less than two weeks ago) bought a BlackBerry Style 9670 phone under Boost Mobile. Everything is working fine, except I can't seem to send a picture in a text. I've owned a BlackBerry in the past and never had a problem with this, so I'm assuming...


You need to know the full details of the OS and download it from the internet. But the thing is that...

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Find the function on your phone that allows you to send an MMS message. Go to the main menu on your...

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Send a picture in a text message to a computer?

is there a way to send a pix message to your computer so that the picture will be in the computer? i cant connect it thru usb or bluetooth, and theres something wrong with the memory card. it seems the only way is to somehow send a pic message to the...


Send Pictures From Cell Phone to Computer: a) Go to the "MMS" or "multimedia message...

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I cant send picture messages?

my samsung gravity touch cant send picture messages even to my album it says "cant send message try again" and unexpected failure.....i have unlim messages and it used to work but now it doesnt and hasnt been for quite some time


You may have no other choice than to take it to you service provider and ask them to salve your problem...

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