Why can't I upload pics on Yahoo 360?

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Why Can't I Upload Any Of My Pics On Yahoo 360?

And I Only Have 3 Photos Including My Avatar, There Is Still One Spot Left, But How Come It Never Uploads?


Yahoo! 360 *rarely* ever allows four photos to be uploaded. I've seen literally one out of hundreds...

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well they told me i can use the 360 thing so i can upload pics but i uploaded one and i put it for all my yahoo profiles and it wont work on here...wat do i do?? the picture doesnt ...show more


Since yahoo acquired FLICKR, there is not longer the ability of using yahoo photos like how we all did...

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I cant upload pics into a Yahoo 360 album?

When I try to use Flickr, it takes me to yahoo photos. I don't want the photos there. Yet, if I use Flickr, the photos don't show up on 360 at all. SO....how do I get photos to show up in a 360 album? Someone told me to post them on my blog, and then...


Flickr is owned by Yahoo. They are in the process of closing down Yahoo! Photos. So, if you have a Yahoo...

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Why does Yahoo make us get a 360 account just to be able to upload pics to Y!A?

Does anyone know why? Is it because Yahoo wants to increase the amount of people that use/have 360 profiles. Also: Do you think because of this most people that use Y!A now have 360 accounts? Well...I have a Y!360 account, I dont use it that much though...


I have wondered about this,too. I feel it'd be easier to them to just let us upload a pic to our Y!A...

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I cant get yahoo to upload pics?

I try to upload pics on yahoo but when I click on the choose photos nothing happens. I can upload them in my album but not as profile pics. And in album I use the basic up loader.


This VIDEO Tutorial explains the process very well. http://help.yahoo.com/l/us/yahoo/pulse/v&hellip...

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How do I upload pics to yahoo!360?

I can't figure it out. I'll go to my yahoo 360 page, click edit photos, click "browse" and select the picture...and then what? Like, the picture file is just sitting in the browse box ...show more


Trust Kee. She's a tech goddess (and very generous) when it comes to Yahoo! products and services. Also...

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How do you upload a picture on your yahoo messenger account profile? Not the 360 one...?

Many people are asking for imformation on how to upload a photo to their Basic yahoo messenger profile. (not 360, not Q&A, not yahoo photo's, not answers) I've found that I have been redirected to yahoo photo's each time I try to upload a photo to...


On you main Yahoo Messenger page: 1.) Click on "Messenger." 2.) Click on "My Display...

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Why wont my jpeg files upload to my 360? What kinds of software do I need to convert my pics? Nothing works.?

I have tried 5 different software I have to convert my pics to jpeg files including MS Paint as yahoo suggests. 360 still wont upload my pics. I also have checked the size of my pics ...show more


The images have to be less than 250 K before you can use them on your actual page itself. They can be...

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How do you get like normal pics as your picture on your yahoo 360 account? like some people have on theres?

how do you do that i do see some people with this done can you tell me how? like instead of a avatar i want to do that? plus it ain't showing up on my yahoo answers profile that i have yahoo 360 people cant see it how do i change that so people can see...


go to your 360 account and click on my page heading, and you will be able to start where it says edit...

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Yahoo! 360 photo upload help ?

ok ive created a yahoo 360 but it does let me upload pics:( when i go to flickr to sign up i put in my yahoo id (jessiika_101) & its says its incorrect :( any help please :DD TY ...show more


Your Yahoo ID is your email address i think (that's what mine is...) and you're not alone on this I...

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