Why can't I view any of the questions I have answered?

Let’s learn why can't I view any of the questions I have answered. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Meta Stack Overflow.

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Why isn't there an option to view Answered Questions?

With this site (and other Stack sites) boasting their percentage of questions answered, why is there no option to view them explicitly? I think that if there were an option, 'Answered' it would be very useful for those interested in just picking up tid bits of useful, correct answers that's tagged to their interests.


You can search answered questions for particular tag using advanced search: [sql] answers:1 or for questions...

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Plss help,...why cant i view the questions i answered on yahoo answers?

I have answerd several questions, so when i get a best answer, i really love to go back to the question so i can know which one it is. But i realise that if i have answered more questions after the one chosen as best answer, they just keep disapearing...


I just type the question in the search box to find it

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How can I view answered questions and blogs only?

How to view a list of answered questions and blogs only, no unanswered questions?


I feel as though that function would significantly damage the entire ideology behind Quora. It is a...

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but when you went to your profile, wasn't there a way to view all of the questions you asked or answered?

I recently answered a question, and have a follow up answer to add, but cannot find the question. I remember in the past, being able to go to my Profile, and click on an option to see all the questions I've answered.Has this been disabled, or am I just...


You can look ay at my q and a's or refresh your profile page and you'll find them. I always find them...

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How do i view questions i've answered?

how do i view questions i've answered?


Click on the box in the upper right hand corner of your screen titled My Profile. Once it opens scroll...

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Why cant i view my starred questions?

i can view my questions and answers but when i go to my starred questions it says private (and not because its my public profile, as i can still see my Q&A) is it just a glitch? if i wait long enough for yahoo will i be able to see my starred questions...


This is a well-known (I think) and long-lasting glitch within the Y!A system. It was brought to the...

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Wait... we cant say thanks to the people who answered our questions? ?

Okay... that sucks. If you have someone help you, you cant say thanks? And if they suggest something, you cant inquire how to do it? Pssshhh.


No. Instead you are supposed to tell them that they are nerds with no lives because they answer questions...

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Compatibility view appears to work now to get back to the green format, but I cant click on my questions?

im not sure what to do now, continue to use internet explorer - compatibility view, to access the green format or try to get used to the purple format?? on the compatibility view ...show more


I'm on IE, compatibility mode, using old format and not having any problems. The problems become overwhelming...

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If you click on one of your questions that you answered and it says you can not view this question at this..?

time. Does that mean that you have been blocked. I think this Zionist blocked me I don't know why because I didn't do anything to offend anyone just stated the truth. Just posting facts. Can't believe someone can be offended by FACTS!! Thats kinda screwed...


Yes, it means you have been blocked. However, it doesn't necessarily mean you have offended them. I...

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Did Yahoo change it so we cant vote for Best Answers on questions we have answered?

In the past I could vote for any question. Now when I go to the ones I've answered it wont let me vote for them.


a week ago

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